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Kyrre is the one notorious for getting into trouble. He is not known as 'chief nose' for nothing as he is always sticking his large Norwegian nose into trouble.

One of his favourite places is the cupboard under the stairs which he got into this morning. I shut the door as per normal to stop anyothers especially Kgosi from getting there. Normally he has a root around at the back of the cat food tins and then yells when he wants out which is normally in about a minute. This morning though I heard a hoooowwwwlllllllllll coming from a terrified cat. Immediately went to cupboard and found Kyrre hanging upside down caught by his back leg in my ironing board :yikes: :yikes:

After getting him free and lots of cuddles and treats he is fine. Apart from perhaps some injured pride :D

I on the other hand am sporting four five nasty inch scratches down my arm :laugh:
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