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Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by juliehogg, May 10, 2010.

  1. juliehogg

    juliehogg PetForums Newbie

    May 10, 2010
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    Hi, I have just rehomed an 8 month old akita bitch, who is mostly lovely, who understands most basic comands and is generally good, when I leave her she chews skirting board and window sills, how can I stop her when I don't actually see her . Can't reparmand after the event.
  2. leashedForLife

    Nov 1, 2009
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    congratulations on the new-arrival! :p and other than the chewing, it sounds as tho she is doing really well. :thumbup:

    she;s 8-MO, hun -
    where did she live before U got her? in a house, a yard, a concrete-floored run?
    how much does she know about living in a house, with ppl?

    i would crate-train her and crate her when she is left alone -
    and i would begin by introducing the crate *as a good thing*, with a shipping-style crate - not a wire cage.
    a 24-inch wide x 36-inch long shipping-crate should fit her well -
    my F Akita weighed 80# and used one all her life, as an adult it was open in my bedroom, she used it by her choice.

    i would also begin just as i would with a puppy - put the crate beside my bed, right next to it, as a night-stand.
    the dog would sleep beside me, in her crate but in the same room, able to hear, see + smell me, as a presence.

    a stuffed-Kong in her crate, filled the night before with one-half her usual breakfast + frozen, will keep her happily busy.
    that means her brekkie is half its usual measure each morning - as she eats the other half from the Kong.
    giving her one other chew-toy that is SAFE - solid-rubber, solid-nylon, no small parts to chew-off + swallow -
    is also good.

    keeping her safely confined + occupied will ease her day; keeping RETURNS + EXITS calm + low-key is also important.
    DAP pump-spray and/or Rescue-Remedy can also help her with this transition into a new home, new ppl, new area,
    new neighborhood - its a huge change.
    see post #22 in the sticky dog body language for info on calmatives -
    lavender-water [botanical - not perfume] is a great cue for calm night-time sleep, with U there,
    and once the association is solid, can be used to calm her during the day, too.

    a solid connection between *lavender-water* and *calm rest* takes 5 to 7 nights - the association must be periodically
    refreshed by being used At Night while U are there, the house is quiet, and the dog is calm.
    if it is ONLY used when she is about to be left alone, and is distressed, it will become a cue for STRESS instead.
    Alteya is especially good -
    Alteya Organics | USDA certified organic Bulgarian Lavender Water

    happy training, :)
    --- terry
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