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Hi everyone, hope you're all ok.
Ok, I have two lovely sister kitties who I love to pieces. They're affectionate, happy, healthy, a little nervous but content. They seem to enjoy their lives and are just sweet, playful girlies. Our only problem is that one of our girls - Storm - has been intermittently pooing on the floor near the litter trays for the last year - for the last month it's been virtually every day and I'm at my wits end trying to figure out why!! If any of you can shed any light on this I'd be so grateful!
Ok, some background:
The girls are sisters and are two years old. They're both spade and have no health problems that we're aware of. Both recently wormed and deflead (this has made no difference to the problem...) Storm is about 3kgs and Cloud is just over 2kgs so they're both pretty small, Storm is visibly larger than Cloud who looks like a big kitten really.
Food is 1/4 carton of Bozita in the morning and 1/4 can of Animonda Carny in the eve each. Treats are not that frequent (Storm puts weight on very easily) but we'll give them some Animonda Ocean, Thrive treats or some Gimpet Cheese paste (which makes their fur super shiny).They have a drinkwell 360 which they use a lot.
Litter tray situation - two covered trays filled with World's Best Oko Plus, cleaned out every other day as there's never really any poo in there - Cloud likes to be outside a lot so generally doesn't poo inside and Storm just uses the floor... Sigh. Her stools seem healthy, pretty firm but stinky :-/
Hopefully that's enough info! Hope someone can help and we can get to the bottom of this!!!
Cheers all x

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Whereabouts are the trays placed? It could be that she doesn't approve of where they are.

Also, could it be that she feels bullied by her sister? It could be that at some point- without you knowing- she has been trapped in one of the trays by the other cat, and is now scared it may happen again.

Another option is that she simply doesn't like the covered trays. Could you maybe give her the option of one covered and one open tray and see if that makes a difference?

Or there's also litter- you've probably tried a few, but it could be that she doesn't like how the litter feels under her feet.

I hope those pointers help in some way, and that you get to the bottom of it. Cats are fussy beggars! :rolleyes:

(Oh, you live just down the road from me, too. Just thought I'd let you know :eek: :p)
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