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kitten play behaviour and children

Discussion in 'Cat Training and Behaviour' started by lillylove, May 12, 2010.

  1. lillylove

    lillylove PetForums Member

    May 4, 2010
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    When I play with my kitten, and we pretend to 'stalk' each other (which she loves and gets her super excited but never nasty), she is always the first to blink a lot and roll over to ask to be touched instead of pouncing on me. Is this her being 'submissive' to me? I am just wondering about their body language and how she views me in her life.

    I noticed that my previous cats - one male one female used to playfight and the male would always roll over first, giving the female the opportunity to straddle and bite him.

    She follows me on call and doesn't mind being picked up. I also noticed that she follows my older daughter everywhere, my older daughter is quite reserved of the cat as she is a little worried about being accidentally scratched. She is careful, cautious and will stroke her but will leave the kitten alone if she starts to play. This makes the kitten more determined than ever to get my 7yo attention! The other younger child (5) is really in the kitten's face although I try to stop it and get her to let the kitten come to her, and Lilly is starting to immediately get up and walk off if the little one comes near her, or only tolerate a minimal amount of being stroked. 5yo does not have any fear and I feel sorry for her - she doesn't understand the boundaries as well, and just wants to touch the kitten - yet she doesn't ever hurt or get rough, she is just too close to her and the cat obviously feels restricted.

    Good tips for teaching children to give animals space? 5yo daughter will come home from school and immediately search cat out. This is fine as kitten wants attention but after 2 hours of not being able to go anywhere without being followed, daughter starts to go find her despite me saying 'leave the cat' and I do not want the cat to start to become agitated.
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