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Sorry for posting something I'm sure has been asked many many times but I'm only able to use this site in my phone atm and I'm struggling to use the search function!!

Just wondering what's the best litter to use for a young kitten (8/9 weeks old)?

Being a new cat owner, I purchased some kitten litter (Clumping Kitten Litter 7kg by Clean 'N' Tidy | Pets at Home) from pets at home and she's been great with that...but when I sent my OH back to get some more the sales person said we shouldn't be using clumping for a kitten (even tho isn't specifically kitten litter) so now I'm confused.

She's taken to it really well and I haven't see her try to eat any of I personally like the it still safe to use?

What are peoples preferences for litter, clumping or not?

Thanks x
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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