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Kitten litter tray help i know these must get boring but please help.

Discussion in 'Cat Training and Behaviour' started by Dave3110, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Dave3110

    Dave3110 PetForums Newbie

    Aug 4, 2009
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    Hey all i am new to this forum so ill say hi my name is Dave nice to meet you all now for my problem. Me and my partner went to buy a kitten the lady had 4 kittens and 2 had been sold the other 2 were left we only wanted 1 but the other only had 3 legs and probably wouldn't have been adopted so we took them both as they were brother and sister and better to keep them together. When we got them Blackjack (Female) kitten used the litter tray straight away but Socks (Male) kitten has never used it we have had them 4 weeks now and tryed everything we have 2 litter trays one in the kitchen and one where socks had been weeing and pooing but still does not use it. I have and still try putting him in the litter tray 10 mins after feeding and 2 - 3 times per day so he knows where they both are i have changed the litter many times using 4 different types then used soil then i used just paper but still will not use the tray. It was all fine as we expected to have a few issues as you do with pets but Blackjack (Female) has started to copy Socks (Male) kitten weeing on the carpet but not only this Socks (Male) has started to wee and poo on the sofa and he only does it when we are out of sight and i cannot put a litter tray on the sofa really lol nothing is working at all i have read every topic on the net about litter training tips and nothing works at all so please help me if he keeps weeing on the sofa he will have to be put in an old rabbit run in the garage while we are not in and at night and i do not like this idea as cats should not be cooped up so i don't agree with it please help.
  2. Janee

    Janee PetForums VIP

    May 4, 2008
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    I just scanned your post as i found it really difficult to read due to no paragraphs.

    Try Cat Attract litter
  3. munchbunch

    munchbunch PetForums VIP

    Dec 13, 2008
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    Sorry Dave, I don't really know what else to suggest. The only time my cats wouldn't use the litter tray was when I first got them & they didn't like the litter I had bought - as soon as I changed it the problem was solved & hasn't reoccured.
    My niece had a problem with one of her cats weeing all over the place, including the bath & kitchen sink :eek: She lives in the States & when I went over on holiday earlier this year, it was my job to sort the problem, lol! First off, I kept the bathroom door shut & kept things in the kitchen sink so the cat couldn't "go" there. Then I changed the type of litter trays she was using to what I use for my cats - big rectangular storage boxes with medium high sides (stops even hard diggers flinging the litter all over the floor!) - gives them plenty of room to move about & dig (I've got Ragdolls which are fairly large cats & moggies, hers are moggies). Then I changed the litter to a really good clumping litter - she'd tried one before but had tried to be economical & hadn't used enough so it hadn't worked - it's got to be a really good depth to make sure it can work properly & not turn into a gooey mess in the bottom of the tray, and for the cats to be able to have a good did too. I use Costco's Litter Purrfect which I find really good. Other than this, I used a really good urine remover to get rid of any scent to stop them being attracted back to the same area. A good one to try is Urine Hater (works on smelly shoes too, lol!! :blushing:) - Urine-Hater. Eliminates Urine & Pet Odours - £9.99 : Pinky Pawz - Simply ... the cats whiskers!, Pinky Pawz - Simply ... the cats whiskers! - it's already on special offer at the moment & everything has got a further 10% off offer on the site too. I'm pleased to say that all this worked for her cats & they're now happily using the tray/litter with no further problems.
    I know you've tried most things - just thought I'd tell you about my niece's problems to see if there's anything you haven't tried within that. Good luck - it's a horrible problem to have to deal with :eek:hmy:
  4. claire484

    claire484 PetForums Junior

    Apr 12, 2009
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    'Clean n tidy kitten litter' from pets at home is supposed to be good for attracting cats to the litter (it even says on the website it can be used for adult 'problem' cats)
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