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Since we "aquired" a female {still trying to find her a friend:(} buster had to move into the rotastac set up which is 1 kidney pod, 2 round pods,travel box and lots of tubes set so he climbs which he loves.
I never planned to keep him there long term so ordered a Kios on monday which i hope will be here soon, hes a climber so hoping it suits him:)
Anyway, does anyone have any good set up ideas for him? He was in a duna fun but he was chewing the plastic:eek:, he is the mouse we handle the most out of the 4 of them as he is fab with the kids, but he get fed up and stressed in the cage so want to make it as fun as possible for him. He doesnt use wheels but i will get him one, thinking rope/tubes etc?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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