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Kim 'hopeful' after separated from her family of dogs

Discussion in 'Pet News' started by testmg80, Jun 27, 2009.

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    Published Date: 25 June 2009

    FORMER kennel maid Kim Waite, 40, has seven adult Alsation dogs, all of which were living in a tent with her and eight puppies after she fell upon hard times.
    Previously, she had more dogs, but worked at kennels and on farms where her pack of hounds was able to live with her.

    However, she is unable to find work, and the dogs are surviving due to the goodwill of others now.

    Four days after she was moved on by Horsham District Council from a small patch of land in Southwater, she again spoke to the County Times which has been following her story.

    What follows is a full transcript of that interview with reporter Theo Cronin.

    Watch our video reports to hear how she became homeless, and see an account of eviction day.

    What's it been like since you have been split from the pack on Friday?

    It has been a bit strange – it would just be nice to get them all back together because they are actually a pack. But they are fine, safe and secure. It just seems strange only having a couple of the dogs with me.

    And what about the puppies?

    The puppies are lovely, bundles of joy.

    Were the puppies planned?

    The mating shouldn't have happened, but it did. She had a dry season, so nobody knew she was in season, just one of them things really.

    How did it change your life?

    Having nothing to do for weeks and then whelping the puppies is something I enjoyed doing, and it helped pass the hours throughout the day.

    Did you ever leave the area with the tent?

    No I didn't. I was there non stop for five weeks roughly.

    How long were you walking with the pack homeless?

    Roughly two and a half weeks. We walked around six to 12 miles a night when it was dark so we weren't spotted - all round Handcross and Rusper, we did a circle mainly across fields. We would just stay somewhere and rest up during the day, before wandering off again.

    What do you think people would have thought if they'd seen you with 12 Alsations wandering through the darkness?

    (laughs) I don't know

    Did it ever cross your mind?

    Not really no, I wasn't really thinking about people at that time. I was just thinking about the dogs really, 'cos one thing I won't do is get rid of them, which most people probably would have done.

    You are the pack leader, were you thinking as part of the pack?

    Yeah just walking, they were very well behaved, never chased any of the animals we came across. We never did no-one no harm. Just kept ourselves to ourselves really.

    How did you support yourself and the dogs during that time?

    I had some money so we used to go to 24 hour petrol stations and I would leave the dogs in a safe place and if someone was walking past I would ask them if they would go to the garage for me and nine out of ten times they did.

    So what did you do?

    I stayed with the dogs and they brought me the biscuits because I could not walk all the dogs to the petrol garage.

    Having many dogs with you is quite difficult then. How hopeful are you of finding somewhere where you can be together?

    I am quite hopeful, there's always something around the corner as people say.

    And what could that be?

    Preferably a live-in job, or renting somewhere, whether it be a house with a nice size garden or a piece of land.

    When you say live-in job, what do you mean?

    Kennelling, working with dogs. I love gardening. I don't mind what I do but I do like working outdoors. I am not a sit behind a desk type of person.

    You mentioned you are part of the pack – a pack which has now been split up. How does that feel to you?

    It is strange, I miss 'em and I'm sure Daisy does to. But hopefully quite soon we can all get back together and lead a normal life.

    Would you say it has not been as much of an emotional trauma as you thought it might be?

    So so

    You have not got the means to look after these dogs, and they don't earn their keep. You are relying on the goodwill of other people to pay for their kennels. You will have to make a break from your dogs at some stage won't you?

    No, no I am not going to parted from them.

    You say that but what happens when the charity and the money dries up?

    The puppies are for sale, so obviously the puppies will keep us all together.

    But you have to wait weeks until you can sell the puppies?

    Yeah, but if people are interested in them, then a deposit would secure a puppy.

    And what about yourself, your personal circumstances. Where will you be living in the next 4 to 6 weeks?

    I don't know, I not too sure about that.

    Dog lady Kim Waite camping in Southwater.
    Kim And Dog.jpg
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