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Kennels or Home Boarding?

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by TJRR, Jan 1, 2020.

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  1. TJRR

    TJRR PetForums Newbie

    Jan 1, 2020
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    Me and my partner are wanting to set up a Dog Kennel Business.

    Before doing this we would like to see which you would choose for your dog/s!

    Home boarding or a kennels?
  2. DaisyBluebell

    DaisyBluebell Earth, the insane asylum of the Universe

    Apr 14, 2017
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    First thing to find out is what is required to attain a licence in your area for opening a kennel business from that/their point of view. Or how many dogs you would be allowed to home board at any one time.
    Like most on here, our dogs are our lives & I am 100% picky when it comes to what happens to my dog when she needs to go in kennels.
    I personally would never let my dogs to be home boarded as I prefer to know that my dog is in a locked kennel/area environment, except when let out for a good run or walked on lead (by responsible adults and not the owners children or a school holiday youngster).
    For where my dog is kenneled it has to be secure, clean, warm in winter (preferably underfloor heated (not overhead heat lamps) and cool in summer with the ability to be inside or outside in said kennel. I would never put my dog in any kennel that did not ask for sight/copy of both injection.& kennel cough cert/book. Size does matter where kennel is concerned & I would want to know my dog is not let out to play with any other dog she does not know unsupervised. I would also want to know who the kennel used as their vet should one ever be required & what knowledge the owners have of running/caring for dogs.

    Hope that's helpful, hopefully others will come on to give their points of view & yes where my own dogs always stay/have stayed has all the above requirements on my list, its not cheap but worth every penny to know my beloved girl is safe, fed, watered & exercised.
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  3. O2.0

    O2.0 PetForums VIP

    May 23, 2018
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    You don't have to start multiple posts on the same topic, it can get confusing.

    I've done both for my dogs. Kennels and home boarding. I'm exceedingly picky about both. The kennels I used were an hour drive from my home, and the only ones even remotely suitable IMO. The 'home boarder' I use is a dog training friend who takes my dog as a favor to me, it's not actually her business though she does take home client dogs for training. Our dogs just happen to get along really well and I trust her with mine.

    Pros of Kennels is usually more secure, less worry about the dog escaping and trying to come home. It's hard to make a home as secure as a proper kennel enclosure with double fencing can be. I also like that at kennels there are multiple employees available. With home boarding, if the main caretaker gets sick or injured and has to leave, who takes care of the dogs?
    Kennels are also good for not allowing dogs who aren't from the same household to mix which is usually a better scenario for most dogs who are already going to be stressed in a new environment.

    Pros of home boarding is that it can be less stressful for the dog, more like a home environment. But again, having to deal with dogs they don't normally share space with can be stressful too. The dog will likely get more one on one attention, more individualized attention.
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  4. SusieRainbow

    SusieRainbow Moderator
    Staff Member

    Jan 21, 2013
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    Closed as duplicate thread.
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