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Kennel Club Bolox!

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by Zaros, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Zaros

    Zaros Pet Forums, P/resident Evil

    Nov 24, 2009
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    With careful consideration to the prospects of breeding from Zara (Sarplaninac) we recently took her to be Hip Scored in order to obtain an official evaluation of her skeletal structure. The Veterinarian who carried out the X-ray examined the pictures and told us that, in his opinion, her hips and elbows were almost perfect but, as the ultimate classification was to be concluded by the FKC, he couldn't really determine what the considered grade might be?

    Of the two Sarplaninac breeders we know personally, both agree that Zara has a beautiful physique, is everything a true Sar' should be and would be the perfect candidate for breeding.

    Today we have received confirmation from the FKC and their classification of Zara has shocked, stunned, upset and angered us.
    They claim that Zara's left hip is D and her right hip is C. For some reason they appear to concur with the Veterinarians original opinion regarding her elbows.
    As Zara's breeder was present at the time she was X-rayed we immediately called him to inform him of the disappointing evaluation.
    He then asked for the evaluaters name which we promptly gave him. He then told us that this individual has caused more problems for the Club than he cares to mention and it is not the first time that the person in question has given poor or unfair evaluations to large or giant breed dogs.
    He recalled one incident where a given evaluation was contested and the resulting argument involved further independent analysis from another two Veterinarians, but because no one could agree to a verdict the animal at the centre of the controversy went unclassified.

    We are about to contest the classification of Zara ourselves but to do this we first have to pay a further €70.00 for the privilege. If they are proven wrong or accept they made a judgement in error we will be reimbursed if not we lose a qualifying classification, any prospect of *breeding* from Zara and, of course our money.

    (* We have learned of late that there is a Specialist 'Giant' Breed Club who, at this present moment in time, argue that a hip classified as D is fine to breed from) This we know is not only cruel but also criminal because the Club in question concerns a working breed only. :mad:

    However, unfortunately for the individual concerned we still have Oscar's X-rays from 2009 in our possesion. These X-rays show quite clearly a hip classified as D by more than one Veterinarian. This offending hip was the cause of Oscar's chronic Dysplasia. (Now successfully rectified by surgery)
    Comparing Zara's X-rays to Oscar's X.rays, it can easily be seen that there are absolutely no similarities what-so-ever and, in evidence, both sets of pictures themselves represent confirmation that Zara has been classified incompetently.

    We would now like to know if there is anyone on PF who is qualified to give their own expert opinion of X.rays if we were to post them on this forum?


  2. Sled dog hotel

    Sled dog hotel PetForums VIP

    Aug 11, 2010
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    I know your not in the UK, but this might be of interest, it explains how the hip scores are done for the KC scheme here, it might be of some interest to you in general, if you didnt know already.

  3. babycham2002

    babycham2002 PetForums VIP

    Oct 19, 2009
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    Im sorry I can be of no help but wholeheartedly hope that you get this sorted out
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