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Hi just joined. Not currently a pet owner but hoping to change that real soon by rehoming a dog in the coming weeks. Just need to decide on the best breed/kind of dog for me I guess. :D

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Welcome to the forum!

Are you callin' me a bossy control freak, Ang....

Welcome to pf'

Will it be indoor at night, and living as family?

What is the dream dog? For now, forget breed and looks, just adjectives...

Size? Do you LOVE grooming, or know you'll be over it, in a month? Do you have children/children visiting lots, are you active or love sleep ins/sofa and tv? Are you strong and experienced with dogs, or diffident and gentle and unsure? Do you have other animals/often bring home animals? Do you have other dogs visiting a lot? Are you mad on your garden being just so? Do you have a lot of parties/family/friends visiting?

OOOOH...and what area are you?

If you want a puppy, from early puppyhood, can you cope with up to 2 years of puppy/teen dog button pressing, or are you looking for a near trouble free middle aged dog? Are you willing to take on a loving dog with a problem or 2, and a life story to make you weep?

Are you of the rare breed who wants to take a disabled or elderly sad dog, sometimes love it through it's neuroses/infirmities, and end up with a soul mate for a shorter time, that overwhelms your heart? Or could you rescue and afford a bonded pair, so hard to rehome?

These are non judgemental questions. No wrong answers. People see dogs as so many different companions. How do you visualise your dog, after a year or so? Running through forest together, or sharing the sofa?

Do you love a particular look? Fine or solid, scruffy or sleek, longhaired or unusual and attention grabbing.
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