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Hi everyone

I have an 11 month old puppy who was rescued at 4 months (a stray). He is wonderful with other dogs and people. A delightful friendly little boy. He has responded well to basic obedience training, but he's still a bit of a handful with his high energy. He loves other dogs so much, and we always wanted a second, so we adopted a rescue female last week.

We are keeping her in a playpen most of the time, and when she's out they play very nicely together. She's about 2 years old. They are bonding nicely and are able to spend time calmly together as well.

My only concern is that she is taking over some of his 'spots' - he usually lies in the kitchen doorway and she now lies there and he goes somewhere else. She just uses body language to sort of block him from lying there. She also tries to lie closer to us. We don't interfere because they're sorting out their dynamics and I know this is the natural way of dogs. But I'm concerned that he will become an 'underdog' and I also don't want to lose my bond with him. He's not interested in us at the moment. I'm also feeling sorry for him being kicked out of his spots - I know I'm projecting my own emotions on him, because he seems happy now. He was a bit over-excited in the beginning but he really seems to have accepted her. We've tried to establish proper boundaries, feeding them separately and crating her when he is irritating her with too much play.

With us, the new dog is very obedient. We are training her and she listens to a firm NO. She knows we are the boss. She doesn't understand any of the basic commands yet, because she's from a shelter environment and has never been taught them, but is actually a very calm dog. She also gets on with all the other dogs at the dog park.

Before, he used to be a lot closer to me, lie on my foot and interact with me more. I'm missing my interaction with him and have not yet bonded with the new dog, so I'm not feeling great. Any advice?
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