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Jungle jag v.s Columbian rainbow

Discussion in 'Snakes' started by Craig866, Aug 9, 2019.


The Jungle jaguar python or TheColumbian rainbow boa

Poll closed Aug 16, 2019.
  1. Python

  2. Boa

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  1. Craig866

    Craig866 PetForums Newbie

    Aug 9, 2019
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    I'm being offered a, jungle jaguar carpet python not sure of sex, or a female Columbian rainbow boa as a trade for an Xbox one. The boa has a larger tank, the python is in a smaller enclosure.
    I wondering what the approximate value of either animal would be, less the habitats.. And, if anyone has any information as to either of them, to help me make a decision. That would be great.
    The boa is easily handled, the python not so much until it is out of it's enlcosure. I'm ok with more of a show piece, and only handling when required. Apparently the python is much better in that respect.

    Screenshot_20190808-230119.png Screenshot_20190808-230132.png Screenshot_20190808-230132.png Screenshot_20190808-230119.png
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