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"So welcome to Cape Caninevral. As you can see I have been made flame retardent with drink so we are ready for launch today."

"If I start it here, I should get a good run up..."

"Check the engines are primed and ready......."

"Trajectory is paramount for this to be a success....."

"Does that all look good from where you are Control?............Good!!"

"Engaging boosters and ready for launch in 5......4.....3....2......"

".....1....GO!......GO!......MAYDAY!! MAYDAY!!!!!"

"Control? Are you there? We have a malfunction."

"It's ok. My fault. Had it the wrong way round. Boy do I feel stoopid!"

"God that feels good! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Just cooling my bottom off after the munchety crunchety on the launch pad.Forgot to get soem extra drink on it."

"Psssssssst! Oi! We're on. We've only got one shot at this so get in the frame will you!"

"Ah-hem. Hello. Well we are on the surface of the moon, at last, and as you can see there is an atmosphere of some kind but......."

"Smells just like cheese! Rocks and dust my special licking spot"

"Wait! That isn't cheese."
"Erm...there is some kind of atmosphere but..... just go with me on this. It'll work I promise. Please don;t ruin my big moment."

"I was right. Look there are people up there."

"FFS! You have to go and wreck everything don't you?"

"I can definitely smell rabbits."

"Yeah they would have been space rabbits if it wasn't for you. I had it all lined up. National Geographic, Discovery, BBC and George Lucas. all you had to do was say a few lines but OH NO YOU HAD TO GO AND......."

"That's it. I'm ruined. All that organising down the drain. I'm gonna lose my frisbee, my rag toy, my brush and those little floating biscuits that fall out the corner of my mouth into the water and float. They float.......THAT's IT.....FLOATING FOOD!"

"Get your space rabbits Dog Aldrin I've got an idea!"


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"Do I look menacing? More of a hunched back? Ok. Ready? Lets' roll.

The moon. A formidable place for any explorer. It's barren landscape of white dust, rocks and these, erm, spikey vomit inducing things are all that resides in the outer reaches of the final frontier."

"As we set out across the surface with the sun's rays coming form so very far away...."

"Oh jees. Will you look at that. My paw if floating off the surface. My gavity measuring tool reads as 0.1 Captain Jerk!"

"Put some feeling into it will you. This is supposed to be amazing!!"

"Well if you are going to be like that I am not doing it."

"Not again! Look I'm sorry. I am a little tired from doing the directing, narrating and acting. I shouldn't have taken it out on you. I can't do this without you so that is why I gave you the role of Dog Aldrin. We can be famous if we get this right. Just try and be more enthusiastic will you? For me. Pleeeeeease!"


"Good grief captain! My gravity measuring tiny wristwatch naked to the human eye is reading 0.1.....I fear we may be carried off into outer space!....."

"My paw captain! My paw!"

"The force is getting stronger with this one! I can feel myself slipping!"


"He's gone! *sniff* He's really gone!"

"You there....Clone Dog Aldrin! Bring me some food to entertain me."


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"Such a vast empty space. I am sure I coul dhave utilised the skull of a clone better.......Ah. There you are my young padwan"

"I have brought you some food sir and I have found a way of making it entertaining at the same time."

"Ready Sir? I am going to send the food to you, get beside you before it lands and you can catch it. We can use the lack of gravity to our advantage."

"Don't be daft man. That isn't possible on any world we know of."

"This is the moon sir!"

"WOW!! This wouldn't be possible on Earth!"

"It's fine I'll put on my robot voice. It's good. They'll buy it no problem.........

Unfortunately Captain Kez and Dog Aldrin were captured and tortured to death by space rabbits shortly after the tape ended. The only other communication we had was from the space rabbits. They disguised themselves to avoid recognision.
Dear Earthlings. The tapes we have sent you are real. Do not doubt that. We shall send the two heroes back when we see the film at the cinemas world wide and on ever TV channel. Thank you.

See. Now all we do is post it on the web and to Rupert Murdoch."


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thats brilliant, great pictures, good captions and gorgeous dogs! :thumbup: love it, sending rep to you!
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