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Lovely sunny day so went to the seawall for our walk this morning. Despite the nice weather, only met two lots of people.

Saw the first couple coming along so did a recall with the whistle. Boy! Was I impressed. Even though Bess had seen the couple she turned and came back like a bullet out of a gun! It may have been the fact they had a greyhound with them which made her want mum's protection, but anyway, her recall was impressive.

So I sat her beside me and got her mouthing on a piece of cheese. I was hoping the couple would walk on whilst I was distracting Bess. But no. They had to stop and stroke her and have a good old chat!

Didn't see anyone else until we were just about back to the car and we bumped into two walkers. I had no cheese left, so had a short lead, but Bess was trying to say hello. Instead of letting me struggle past it was 'oh, isn't she a lovely colour! How old etc etc. and giving her a stroke.

Then this afternoon's walk we had an hour where we saw no one at all. Until we were three houses from home and unusually there was a man crossing the road. I thought he was going to ask me for directions, but no. As I was trying to keep Bess under control it turned out he'd come over to comment on how lovely she is.

Now don't get me wrong, I love having a dog who people like, but they wouldn't like her much if she bounded up to them and put muddy paws over them, or worse knocked some old dear over. How am I going to train her that not everyone loves her when all and sundry want to stroke her? I'm afraid I can't be rude and tell people not to stroke her. I do mumble out that I'm trying to stop her jumping up at people, but its so hard.

Rant over. Sorry
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