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......when you can give someone guidance and enlighten them somewhat :D

I got talking to a bus driver a couple of months ago on my way home and found out he has a lab about the same age as Basil. Weve exchanged silly and funny stories on every journey weve been on together and chatted away for the whole journey each time weve met. Today he asked me if i knew anything about dog food..... well that was it! The whole journey we talked and i advised (as much as i could!) about the different foods and the little i know about raw. Hes been feeding pedigree :eek: as he thought he was doing the right thing and i told him about all the fillers and cereals in them. He asked what i fed and i said F4D and hed never heard of it. But now he is going to look into it and also at TOTW and Orijen :D He said his parents feed WW and he was going to look at that but when he told me it was approx £40 for 15kg i told him that i pay the same for my F4D and it was a better food and you have to feed less!!

Now im not claiming to be a nutritionist but ive learnt a hell of a lot about food in the last year and much of it from this site and it feels wonderful to pass that knowledge on and that someones dog may benefit from it :D :D :D
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