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Is my pomchis diet ok?

Discussion in 'Dog Health and Nutrition' started by Aoife brown, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Aoife brown

    Aoife brown PetForums Newbie

    Nov 17, 2020
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    Hello everyone, a couple months ago my dog wasn’t very well and due to covid I couldn’t get him to a vets I suspected it was he’s food causing problems, I’ve changed he’s diet now to brown rice or lentils with chicken and veg with added supplements like salmon oil and Anti forte baff, he has this about 4 days a week and the other days I give him sardines, mackeral or tuna out of a can and a good canned dog food called naturo, he seems happy with this food just want to make sure it is a good diet plan would appreciate any advice on this, thankyou
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