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Is my cat being dominant?

Discussion in 'Cat Training and Behaviour' started by Kazzy1986, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. Kazzy1986

    Kazzy1986 PetForums Newbie

    Feb 17, 2019
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    Would appreciate some advice re my 2.5 year old female British Shorthair. She’s an indoor cat.

    I feel she has become increasingly needy and hard to please (albeit very sweet!). When she’s not sleeping, she’s putting demands on us e.g. scratching curtains to get me out of bed (even if I’ve got up to feed her and my husband is out of bed); scraping curtains for attention in the living room, even if we have spent time playing with her; meowing in the hall for our attention. She does this as soon as she wakes up sometimes! She has also started to get more aggressive when she is generally a very gentle cat. For example, she has stated to stalk by husband each night when he is getting ready for bed and it’s not playful - she looks like she wants to fight him, ears back and staring at him - and is drawing blood from his legs. She struggles if I stay in bed after 8am and will bite quite hard and meow a lot.

    She gets the run of a 2 story house, has lots of windows, toys, scratching posts, a tree etc. We play with her and try and mix things up to stop her getting bored. I take her for supervised time at the door so she can look outside.

    She was usually left alone 3 days a week when we were working but my husband has been working from home since covid so she has constant company. She was diagnosed with IBD a couple of months back and seems to miss her treats but without doubt has more energy(but still vomits every so often so has a vet appointment coming up).

    Does she sound like an unhappy cat or have we reinforced unhelpful behaviours? She is a bit spoiled and I just can ignore her shredding my curtains so she always gets a reaction. But, it’s a fairly quiet household and I wonder if she’s not stimulated enough. Apart from the aggression, these behaviours have been around for a long time now.

    many thanks for any advice
  2. Summercat

    Summercat PetForums VIP

    Oct 8, 2017
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    It may be she see's the curtains as a way to get your attention or it is from boredom. It may be seen as a game by her if she touches curtains, you come over for example.
    My cat in my avatar when bored or hungry takes to ripping up paper. That is a cue to feed him.
    She may need more play or interaction than she is getting.
    Maybe set a routine of playtime before bed with a wand toy or other toy to change the habit of stalking your husband.
    That is good you mix up the toys to help alleviate boredom.
    I put certain toys away and take them out later. Catnip and wands toys go in the cupboard or drawers when not in use.
    If you have a house, is it possible for you to get a catio or do cat proofing in your back garden to give her more stimulation?
    I will find a link to a thread that gives lots of ideas on how to create catios or cat proof a garden.

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