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Clover never had a season, so I'm really not sure. Daisy is just 6 months old

But today I've seen Clover lick Daisy twice around that area. When I took Daisy for a check up the other week, the vet said Daisy was a little enlarged.

She hasn't eaten her dinner tonight, and seems a bit clingy and moody. and is sleeping a fair bit.

Thanks :)
Sounds possible, they can from about 6mths onwards, and if her vulva has swollen that usually the first sign followed by discharge although ome lose more then others and some are also very fastidious at cleaning themselves so you dont see a lot. If clovers acting odd and interested too, it sounds highly likely.

ETA you can check her, if you wait until shes been asleep and when shes just woken up if you get a piece of white kitchen towel or a tissue and gently blot the area you may see the discharge to confirm it.
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