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Hi Everyone,

First time on here, just wanted a bit of advice really.

We originally had three cats who got on very well with each other apart from the odd spat,they grew up together but now due to old age we are just left with one who is 15. We lost our second cat about 2 months ago now and our remaining cat pined for about 6 weeks, and still has odd moments, she can be a bit of a sensitive soul

Sooooo, we decided to get another cat and read up on it, about keeping them seperate to start with etc etc, so that we could be as prepared as possible and give both cats the best chance. Then my partner went to the rehoming centre and has fallen in love with TWO cats who have been there about a year and the rehoming centre would prefer them to be rehomed together,

They are 4 and 7 years old, very friendly and the rehoming centre says they get on well with other cats

the dilemma is, will introducing two new cats be even more stressful for our old girl that we have left. We really just want to do what is best for her, and we dont want to stress her out in the autumn of her life, but at the same time, these two cats need a home too. I understand that even getting one will upset the balance for a while, will two upset it even more?? Or is it a case of, it doesnt make much difference, one or two

Would be grateful for any advice, thanks xxx
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