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The thing is the new cats may get on well with other cats, as the Shelter has said, but your cat may not get on with them.

In the past I successfully introduced 2 x 3 month old kittens to my old neutered male cat aged 15 years. His lifelong companion (his sister) had died several months earlier and he had been lonely and very clingy and anxious ever since. So although I had originally intended not to get any more cats whilst he was alive, I decided to take the risk, as I hoped it would be company for him.

To my great relief, it turned out well. :) My old boy was a very sweet-natured cat and he accepted the kittens without a fuss after a week or two. Eventually he and the male kitten became close friends, and it was lovely to see them together, sharing a chair.:) They remained friends until the end, when my old cat died 5 years later.

However, my old cat was very non-aggressive and the kittens were BSH (a breed renowned for being laid back and good natured), and I think it was this combination that allowed the integration to work so well.

I would be concerned your old cat could find it very threatening 2 new cats suddenly appearing in her territory. If so, this could make her very stressed and you might even find her displaying inappropriate behaviour in the home (not wanting to alarm you, just saying it is a possibility).

Introducing 2 grown cats is a different thing to integrating a 3 month old kitten (or even 2 kittens). Although there would be no guarantee she would accept a kitten either.

Personally I would not attempt bringing in 2 new cats myself, simply on the basis I would not want to risk upsetting the old cat in her senior years. She may be happier on her own.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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