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Introducing new cat - advice needed

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by lulubel, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. lulubel

    lulubel PetForums Senior

    Apr 28, 2011
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    In my house, I currently have Luna (neutered female) and 2 puppies. In my garden, I currently have Zack (complete male) and Harry (male kitten). Zack has decided he's ready to move in, and I'm not quite sure how to handle it.

    (Note: I'm going to get Zack neutered, it's just been a case of waiting until he will let me catch him and put him in a carrier. Harry will also be neutered and, hopefully, rehomed, but he's taking a while to learn to trust me.)

    I have been building a large cat enclosure over the last few weeks, and it's now very close to completion - should be done by the end of tomorrow. It covers both the back door and the window to the study. Since Luna came from outside, and is definitely related to Zack in some way (either his sister or his mother), my plan was just to shut Zack and Harry in the enclosure, then open the window and door so they can sort things out between them, under supervision.

    However, yesterday evening, Zack shot past me into the house as I was going outside, so I decided to see what happened. Once Luna realised he was in, she started following him around, running up to him with her ears back, hissing and growling. Then she hid round the corner to run up and bat him as he came out of the room. Zack is extremely laid back, and didn't take a great deal of notice, other than to give her a little growl when she got right in his face. He was too busy exploring. Fortunately, my puppies were both sleepy, so I managed to keep them out of it.

    Is this fairly normal behaviour when a new - or even previously known - cat comes into another's established territory, or not? (Luna has been in the house for nearly 2 months, but has only had full run of the house for 2 weeks.) Is Luna's reaction likely to be affected by him being a complete tom? Should I be concerned? Should I revise my plan to open everything up and let them get on with it?

    These 2 cats have lived outside as strays, got their food from the same places, and I've never seen them not getting on. They need to live together because Luna is FIV positive, and the chance of Zack not being is very slim, so I won't be able to rehome either of them. And Zack doesn't want to live outside any more.

    Any suggestions?

    (I already have Feliway, by the way.)
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