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Introducing a kitten to another cat

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by Heidiash, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Heidiash

    Heidiash PetForums Newbie

    Sep 14, 2013
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    I need some help and advice I'm not sure I'm doing any of this right. I have a 4yr old neutered cat and I brought a 9week old male kitten. I've only had the kitten 2 days and I know it's early days. I've set the kitten up in our spare bedroom and have put the kitten in a carry case in the living room while the older cat (Charlie) is in. Charlie is a very laid back cat and hasn't gone anywhere near the carry case, he gave it a wide birth mad went out when the kitten started meowing. I Lerner the kitten free around the living room while Charlie was out to get the sent around the house and put him back in the carry case when back know. Charlie sniffed round etc but didn't seem to be bothered by the different smell.

    Day 2 I did the same thing again but while the kitten was out in the living room Charlie was at the glass door hissing at the kitten. In the evening input the kitten on my knee and stroked Charlie but he sat with his back to me avoiding the kitten and kept hissing and wanted to run out the door.

    Do I continue with those process for a while or should I try to let the kitten out while Charlie is in the room? I'm also worried about giving the kitten to much attention mad making him feel dominant over Charlie? Any advice would be brilliant please.
    Thanks Heidi.
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