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Interesting Article

Discussion in 'Dog Breeding' started by Brainless, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Brainless

    Brainless Guest

  2. Brainless

    Brainless Guest

    Not good with smileys, what does that one mean?
  3. Eolabeo

    Eolabeo Guest

    It means *yawn* we know, we have heard it all be4 and im sure we won't forget something that we all ready knew about long befor we met you, plus continuously reminded day in day out.

    Don't think for one minute because of me telling you to draw aline that i don't agree with what ur trying to put over because i do.
  4. Brainless

    Brainless Guest

    Thing is a quick read of posts on this forum show that people have not taken much of this on board at all????

    Frankly I am quite shocked and mystified how if it is all preaching to the converted there are so may posts advocating and condoning poor breeding practises, allowing the situation to continue.

    Maybe I am involved with very different dog lovers.
  5. Eolabeo

    Eolabeo Guest

    Brainless, your not in with different dog lovers, we all agree with what you are saying and all love dogs and care about them as much as you do so please don't say that. :(

    All i asked is that rather then pinpoint out all the bad things in post people write and sticking ur links up as u keep continuousy doing, try to write something positive instead of going on and on.

    again im not against what you are saying, i quite agree and i know you want to get your point across but i think your putting it across abit to often, thats just my opinion, maybe other people feel different.

    instead of giving peeps the third degree and going into detail, maybe you can just have a lil say and stick a link up so they can read for themselfs rather then us members reading the same thing you write everyday, that way you will get the word across :)
  6. Eolabeo

    Eolabeo Guest

    Also there are breeders on here that have put alot of thought into breeding their dogs and love and care, and i have also seen your replys, which to me look like you are as good as telling them they don't know what they are doing and should'nt be breeding.

    if i was that person and had your reply i would be very offended.
    you really are not the only one on this forum who knows what they are talking about, the way you reply to people makes me think that you think your the only one that does know what its all about.
  7. Brainless

    Brainless Guest

    If people are carefully breeding from health tested registered typical good natured animals with the aim of breed improvement then I cannot have been be critical.

    The only breeding I have criticised, is of unregistered, poor temperament, or crossbreeding with no clear good reason of contributing to a breeds improvement.
  8. Eolabeo

    Eolabeo Guest

    How do you know people are selling poor tempremented dogs just going by the advert they are putting up?

    And you can't say its coz they are crossbred or going by what breed the dog is or going by the dog not being kc ect because i know plenty of unreg'ed crossbreed dogs with lovely temps.

    Is this the part you now start saying about health testing ect ect ect?

    Your replys on the *Breeding dogs* thread was put over nicely, just simple yet it did make good reading.
    I know this sounds harsh but some of the threads u have replyed on are quite offensive even tho u have good intentions.
  9. Brainless

    Brainless Guest

    Surely though no-one when being responsible for creating a life should do so without taking all necessary steps to ensure if they are breeding that it should be for good reasons. If we are talking pedigree dogs then they have to be registered and bred to meet the breed standards, and have the best chance of being healthy by their parents being health tested and the breeders knowing the pedigrees to ensure the best traits are selected for and the negative ones avoided.

    The litters I am against the healthy and good natured are pure chance, not bred for.

    there is no reason to breed crossbreeds, other than the few exceptions in working dogs such as GDBA, or Lurchers and hunt terriers, all working dogs.

    I think most people would agree too many dogs are bred? So if the numbers need to be cut down which ones should not be bred? Sadly reputable breeders cut their breeding to a minimum to avoid rescue, yet the slack is taken up by those who don't look past the money going in their pockets.

    Thing is if you try to sugar coat the pill unfortunately dogs suffer the consequences of their owners actions and lack of knowledge.

    I am plain speaking and try to address the post not the poster, hopefully other people will take the information on board too as there seems so little to show people the right way of doing things.

    I meet so many nice families with nightmares of dogs they have bought in good faith, or dealing with temperament problems due to bad breeding. The breeders never get taken to task as these lovely people love their dogs, and they have been taken advantage of. Neither dog or owner have the quality of life they are entitled to.

    The other side of the poor breeding coin is the lack of vetting and people who should not be in charge of a stick insect getting them and mistreating them either intentionally or through ignorance.

    It seems that until all puppy buyers demand the highest of breeding standards that poorly bred and reared pups will continue to be churned out and lead miserable lives.

    It is so frustrating.

    Recently my brother rang me from some pot head Friends of his. They had mated their poor Staffie bitch, had no idea what to expect at whelping and eh rang me for advice when the bitch was in labour as the bitch was distressed and they didn't know what to do. they were not prepared to seek the Vet as they were not prepared to pay.

    A few weeks later he rang me again. Was it normal for the bitch to be all ribs and have her backbone clearly visible, and did I know anyone who wanted to buy staffie pups!!!

    I told them the bitch if well fed might look scruffy but should never be thin. The PDSA vet told them it was quite normal. They were feeding her just her normal food, a cheap supermarket own brand.

    Where will those poor pups end up???? what kind of owners will they attract?

    Another example a lady who has seen me out and about with my girls and noted how Good they are on lead ans with people decided she waited one just like it to walk with her kids.

    Her Friend stopped to tell me this just before Christmas. It turns out she is getting an unregistered Husky pup days before Christmas for £500. I told the Friend this was a totally different breed with a very different temperament and activity levels, and after making some enquiries of the friend realise that this pup will not be what is wanted and that the pups needs cannot be satisfied in the home situation and level of time and commitment the Mum has to offer.

    I am just praying that they take the time to bring it to training classes that my friend runs, as that is yet another that will end up in rescue if not, if it hasn't escaped from the hedged garden before then.
  10. Eolabeo

    Eolabeo Guest

    Thats so sad.
    But the thing is, so many people out there just don't want to listen, all they are interested in is the money full stop, and not one bit of thought going into what health issues these poor babys will have in the future, giving not only the pup pain and heartache but the poor familys that own and love that pup aswell.

    as i said, i do know people that have cross bred dogs that are lovely dogs but i must point out i would'nt cross breed a dog because there really is'nt no point and yes it is adding to the many dogs that are in or end up in shelters.

    But going by the other thread regarding the shitzuu and yorkie accident mating, i really could'nt abort them pups if they was my dogs unless there was risk to the female., As terrible as it sounds i really could'nt do that, But again i do see your point in why it is best to do that.
  11. Brainless

    Brainless Guest

    But why not, spaying is routine, morning after injection is routine, the bitch won't mind and it is far less risky for a little Yorkie than to carry a litter with which she could easily have problems and die.

    It takes an experienced person to know when to seek veterinary attention during labour.

    Worrying about how a bitch might feel about pregnancy is the height of anthropomorphism. In my experience bitches know nothing about what is happening and are driven purely by instinct at the birth, or often not and they get distressed and don't know what to do at first or at all, especially in toy breeds.
  12. Eolabeo

    Eolabeo Guest

    i don't know a thing about toy breed dogs so i don't know what they are like as mothers ect.

    I will have a read up on this injection tho, always handy to know these things, it don't change my mind on how i feel :(.
  13. vikki

    vikki PetForums Junior

    Jan 3, 2008
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    omg! a big well done to eolabeo! for puttig brainless in their place. aand i think the name really suits this person as they really think they know everything. and so far have critacised every post i've put on here. do brainless honestly think they are the only people that breed top quality dogs?
  14. Brainless

    Brainless Guest

    No but I certainly know what breeding quality dogs is about, and sure I am not the only one with ethical standards.
  15. sallyanne

    sallyanne Guest

    I think that post is rather insulting!
    Read Brainless's post properly and you will see how passionate she is about animal welfare.
    Anyone can breed or offer there dog at stud,it's so much harder to do it properly,with good ethics & morals!
  16. xxjackyxx

    xxjackyxx PetForums Junior

    Dec 16, 2007
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    great article!!!!

    sugar coating the pill makes it easier to swallow......and easier to forget.
  17. vikki

    vikki PetForums Junior

    Jan 3, 2008
    Likes Received:
    but with brainless's aticle this is something we've all heard before. in every post people write brainless seems to be there the 1st to reply wriring something to put people down. and with dogs taking pills i find the easiest way to buy a cheap can of corn beef and stick the pill in the middle. the dogs love it and swallow it fine evey time
  18. Brainless

    Brainless Guest

    Strange if you have heard it all before then why do you want to make just pet puppies?

    You yourself said you knew nothing about health testing.

    Surely you need to know all about your subject and how it should be done first.

    Would you have Surgery if the Doctor wasn't trained, but had watched Casualty?

    People need to take breeding, it's implications and responsibilities seriously.
  19. vikki

    vikki PetForums Junior

    Jan 3, 2008
    Likes Received:
    but i don't even breed dogs. i was only offering my boy out to stud as he's such a lovely shepherd
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