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Instroducing Ralph to a Baby

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by Smianhead, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Smianhead

    Smianhead http://mydoggie.co.uk

    Oct 5, 2016
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    I just wanted to share something that some of you may find useful, some may find pointless and others may ignore.

    We recently had a new baby boy, Elliot. We have had Ralph for 2 years now and Isaic our first son is 3 and half.
    Ralph is Isaics Dog and they have been best friends since Ralph joined us.

    We were very nervous bringing a new baby into the house as we didnt want Ralph to feel left out and ignored.

    When we came home with Elliot we were worried, "what if he barks or growls at him."

    We walked in and Ralph was apprehensive, jumping up at the car seat, "What have the brought home for me" was the look on his face.
    We placed the car seat down on the floor and nervously watched as Ralph sniffed the blanket. We stayed closed and allowed the 'observation' and 'exploring' happen. THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION WE COULD HAVE MADE!

    The first night, Ralph cried all night. He wanted to see the baby. So not only were we getting no sleep with a new baby, we had a 20 month old dog kicking off as well.
    Throughout the next day, Ralph would stand on his back legs and try and look into the baby basket whilst he slept. This was quite cute and he obviously is a caring & protective dog.

    2 months later, Ralph always goes over to Elliot and just looks at him or sits in front of him. He will give him a quick lick and quickly move as we tell him now.
    He hasn't once Barked at him, growled at him or got jealous of us holding him.
    I do believe this is due to the choice we made in how we introduced Elliot and Ralph.

    If this helps you then great - I wanted to share this and will post some pics of Ralph protecting Elliot
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