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what and when does your girlie/s do when coming into heat?

with kitty, she never really had any give aways at all- apart from more ocasionally being grumpy at the young'uns... but it was always obvious once it started.
kuki, she doesn't suffer well when coming in... but 'coming in' sort of covers her for a few months before hand. atm, she is humping the chair arm :yikes: :mad: and just before that she was lying with her bum in the air like she was having tummy cramps. and then she has silent And broken heats- which are the most unpredictable things in the world. yet with all the madam is in her element when she is in- bees knees you know! ;) :rolleyes:

poppet has only had one, at about 18 months or so (can't remember but its written down :eek: ) and something tells me she may be a clockwork girl- but does the same bum in the air thing as her mommy (kuk). she went off her food for a while before coming in as well- even turned her nose up at mince once! :eek:

so, since every dog is different, i thought this would be an interesting one!
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