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Hello fellow pf's, not been able to get on here for a while as my laptop is still broke so im using mobile internet (Which is rubbish so apologies if my text is a bit sqyify)

I thought I would give you a update on my woofs,

My little Otis is not so little anymore and is now taller than Dora , he turns 1 tomorrow !! How time fly's! He is the most cuddley affectionate dog I have ever know, he just wants to please all the time.
His recall is spot on, he will turn on the spot mid run no matter what the distraction, I just hope we can keep it at that level :)
He cocked his leg for the first time about 6 weeks ago and much to Dora's disgust it was all over her back ! :) and without tempting fate he has not tried humping anything or shown and sexualized traits which I really hope stays that way !

Dora on the other hand is well, Dora. She loves Otis to bits but is a complete brat, she is special in her very own way.
Just one of her quirks is bringing you her toy and If you have not acknowledged it within 2 seconds she nudges it under the sofa and the proceeds to whine at it while drooling. .. Like I said a complete brat.
They have very different personalitys which I think compliment each other Dora is a hot head and very confident where as Otis is a chilled out relaxed boy :)

I love them more than life itself and would not change them for the world
As mad as it seems, even tho Otis was puppy from hell I would do it all again if the outcome was as good as what he is !! X

If you got this far of my ramblings , thankyou. I can't upload pictures from my phone but I will see if I can link some :) x

Vassal to Lilly and Ludo
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I can't believe Ottis is nearly 1 :eek:

Welcome back :D

They sound like a great pair :)
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