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Try to put yourself in your cat's position. She is an intelligent being living with some weird creatures who don't understand her needs or her language. How can she get your attention that something is wrong? By acting out of character, of course.:)

So she's trying to tell you something is wrong. Stop, for a moment, thinking about the extra work you have in cleaning up. Think only about her. And talk to her. Treat her as you would a human. Ask her for some help in understanding what she needs.

Check everything you have changed recently. Have you shampooed the carpet? Cats are very sensitive to chemicals. Is there a new person or animal in the house? Cats can take tim to come round to new additions.

If you exhaust all possibilities, blame the food. Commercial pet food can cause so many health problems.
All my dogs are down with upset stomachs just wondering if i can give them half an imodium tablet.
I am sure i have read this somewhere.
Any help on this would be great.
I will not go ahead and give anything at the mo.
Starving for awhile and then boiled chicken and rice.
Been to the vets with two of them he gave me probotic tablets.
But have run and out and they did not do the trick.
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