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A man is at war with a dog protection charity after his mother, who has dementia, gave away his pet to be re-homed and they had it adopted by another family.

Simon Ash, of Oakdale Road in Crown Wood, says he owns Lenny, a West Highland terrier, and lets his mum look after him twice a week at her home in Andover.

However, on the last visit, his mother phoned the Westie Rescue Scheme charity and told volunteers she could not afford to keep the dog and asked for it to be re-homed.

Simon is devastated at the loss of his dog and is in the middle of a frustrating battle to try to get him back.

The charity says all its checks say the dog is registered to Simon's mum and that it has acted entirely within its guidelines.

It has been re-homed with a family in the Isle of Wight, it said.

Inspector Pete Carter, neighbourhood inspector for Bracknell North, said he had been contacted by Simon over the dispute.

He said: "I have been shown evidence from Mr Ash that suggests his mother handed ownership of the dog to him in 2007.

"What I have not seen is the paperwork given to the charity by his mother.

"The charity says it has acted properly and has solicitors working on the case.

"As things stand it is a civil matter as Mr Ash insists he is the owner but the charity says the dog has been donated to them."

Lead co-ordinator Graham Edwards said when the charity's staff arrived, Mrs Ash had filled in all the paperwork, got all the dog's equipment together and even made a donation.

But Simon wants his beloved pooch back.

He said: "I've had Lenny for three years, since 2007, and he is like a child to me."

He said his mother had dementia but looked after Lenny twice a week.

"It's really good for her, it gives her a chance to get out and get some fresh air. Last time he was with her, I think she got a bit confused and managed to phone the charity and have him taken away."

Now he says he is finding it very difficult to find out whether he can get the dog back.

He said: "I find it very odd.

"I am the registered owner and I let my mum look after it.

"If you had your kids with a child-minder and they put them up for adoption it wouldn't happen would it?

"I'm devastated, I don't want a row, I just want my dog back."

Mr Edwards responded: "We have done numerous checks, including the dog's microchip, which is registered to his mother.

"The dog needs surgery to both its back legs, which we are bound to pay for by our agreement. That is happening.

"Our solicitors are now looking into the whole situation and we do not expect to make a decision before Wednesday, May 19

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I feel for this man but having dealings with dementia myself as mum has it & knowing how different they can be from one day to the next, I'd not have left her with the resonsibility of a dog anyway.

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A couple of things about this aren't right.
In the article it says when the charity staff got there the paperwork was already signed by the mum. The paperwork isn't available to download so either the staff are lying or the mum with dementia planned it and requested the paperwork before. Also would they send staff to get the dog the same day she phoned, the way it is written doesn't sound like an emergency. Or was that planned aswell.
When the son went to collect the dog if he rang the rescue and explained things surely they would of kept the dog rather than rehome it while ownership was sorted out.
Some might think it was all a scam to get an expensive operation done for free

I find it odd that they managed to rehome it so quickly....surely rehoming a dog takes days, weeks and even months or more! I find it hard to believe they rehomed a dog before the owner realised...when the lady only looks after it twice a week...hardly like he went away for a month and came home to the situation.

Plus the operations ring alarm bells

Im sure rescues would love it if they could rehome dogs within the same day - after obviously assessing the dog, having vet checks to establish the op needs, home check new owners, find suitable owners and have the dog a day ;)
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