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I swear my cat is bipolar

Discussion in 'Cat Training and Behaviour' started by evamoree, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. evamoree

    evamoree PetForums Junior

    Jun 30, 2016
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    So today I came home early and my cat was being nice to me. He was hanging round me and even letting me stroke him (he'll move his head to where he wants to be stroked).

    Then when I went out of the room and was zipping up my backpack (had come home from college) he randomly attacked me and put his claws into my shoulder.

    Normally when he doesn't like something, he just gives me a tap of his paw without claws. However this seemed to have no cause other than the fact I wasn't feeding him (it was 2 hours away from his feeding time yet he was meowing, presumably because he thought it was already that time since I came home).

    I read it up and it sounds like play aggression, so I went to go and play with him with my dressing gown robe (his proper cat toys broke and he's been fine playing with the dressing gown robe) and he sure was attacking it.

    Now that I know what it was, how do I teach him not to attack me (or how to show when he's playful) as it's kinda painful when he does [laughing emoji].

    It's not the first time he's done it either. He could be purring and then suddenly attacking me. There seems to be no pattern, other than the two ways to tell are his eyes go green and he looks like he's about to pounce (neither of which he showed today).
  2. chillminx

    chillminx PetForums VIP

    Nov 22, 2010
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    I am sure your cat is not bi-polar! ;)

    It sounds like your cat was over excited as he was so glad to see you.:) When you got home he wanted your undivided attention for a while. That is not unusual if a cat has been alone all day. After stroking him a bit you left the room and were busy zipping up your backpack when he wanted you to focus on him and play with him. So he was a bit forceful letting you know how he felt because he felt frustrated. Perhaps he also felt hungry and wanted feeding.

    There is nothing wrong with 'play aggression', as long as it is not directed at you. Dressing gown robes may possibly make good cat toys but the fact is your robe will have a strong scent of you on it. Therefore you are telling your cat it is OK to play aggressively with things that have your scent on. Which is giving him the wrong message as it could in turn cause him to play roughly with you.

    Your cat needs some toys that are all his own. Cats have a strong natural instinct to hunt and giving them their own toys to play with is giving them a chance to imitate hunting. In other words you are giving your cat the encouragement to exhibit his natural behaviour. This is important.

    Cat toys are not that expensive, but if you cannot afford to buy them right now you could make him some using laundered odds and ends of unwanted clothing or old sheets, cutting and sewing them into shapes about the size of a large mouse and filling them with powdered cat nip (buy cheaply on line)., then sewing up the gap.

    You can also use a length of string to get him chasing and running around.

    Here are some toys you could ask friends or family to buy for your cat on your birthday:


    The Kickeroo is a great toy for cats to bite and bunnykick when they feel aggressive. If you get one keep it to hand and slip it between his paws when he wants to play aggressively.

    These are some great attachments for you to play interactively with your cat every day, (they need the pole to attach them to)


    This is the pole to fix the attachments to:


    There is a longer one than this ^^ available in the UK but I do not see it on the Amazon.com website. Maybe you can find it locally by googling it. Look up Flying Frenzy pole.

    Playing with your cat every day when you get home will keep him content and will let him know how much he matters to you. Play is very bonding between cat and owner.

    If you come home early, feed him earlier than usual if he is hungry. He would not have known it was earlier than usual. All he knows is that when you come in he gets fed.

    There is no need to stick rigidly to a time table with feeding cats. If a cat is hungry in the wild he goes and catches some food. So we need to try and mimic that for our cats who live with us, i.e. feed them when they are hungry, not just when it suits our convenience.

    I hope all goes well with your cat. A photo of him would be nice. :)
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