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I ruined my surprise :(

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Hudson87, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Hudson87

    Hudson87 PetForums Member

    Aug 11, 2013
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    My OH told me that he couldn't get my birthday off work so we could do something in the evening and penguins are my favourite animal.

    I was half asleep this morning grabbed the post and just opened it which I never do. One of the letters was confirming the OH's purchase of a penguin feeding experience for me on the morning of my birthday.

    He is all annoyed I have ruined it but then so I am that would have been a nice surprise.
  2. rona

    rona Still missing my boys

    Aug 18, 2011
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    Oh what a shame. Hope it doesn't ruin the experience and OH isn't too upset
  3. loubyfrog

    loubyfrog PetForums VIP

    Feb 29, 2012
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    Oh dear,I hope your Oh doesn't stay cross at you for long,Its not like you did it intentionally.

    At least you now have something to look forward to as before this morning you thought you were spending your Bday alone.

    Have a great day with the penguins and your partner.:)
  4. redroses2106

    redroses2106 PetForums VIP

    Aug 21, 2011
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    awh that is a shame, but what a lovely thoughtful thing for him to do, and hopefully you will both have a wonderful day out even if it's no longer a surprise - remember and take lots of pics for us to see! :p
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