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How to introduce a 12wk old Chi to a 12month old JRT

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by louiser, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. louiser

    louiser PetForums Junior

    Sep 8, 2008
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    Morning everyone,

    I just wondered if anyone can offer any advice is possible. We have a lovely 12 month old JRT boy (neutered). He is very loving and cuddly (with us, other dogs, cats, babies) but obviously he does have a lot of energy, he has settled down no end over the last few months but he is still a jack russell!

    He is not nasty at all but sometimes excitement takes over and he acts a little silly. If he's waiting for a ball to be thrown and another dog is hanging around he gets shouty and things etc...

    We wanted to get him a friend so he would have a companion when we have to work and were advised to wait until he was 12 months. We have found a 11 week old Chihuahua girl. We collect her next Sunday.

    I am not concerned on them getting on as I know they will be fine. My concern is that slightly older dogs don't seem to know when to stop! The puppy will get tired from all the playing and the older dogs don't seem to know when to give it a rest.

    When we have to go to work should I be keeping them separate to begin with? I have cameras which I use to see what my dog is doing when I am not there and he does nothing but sleep. When he has a friend over to stay though obviously they do play. Should I be working to make sure the older dog is well worn out before I leave them?

    Thank you for reading :)
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