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How much time during the day do you spend with each cat?

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by egyptianreggae, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. egyptianreggae

    egyptianreggae PetForums VIP

    May 26, 2012
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    This is mainly aimed at those who have more than one cat... Just thinking about my daily routine, I do have much more hands-on contact with Simba than with Tiny and I feel slightly guilty about it.

    My daily routine:

    5.30am - 6am - wake up with Tiny sitting on my chest, purring loudly and sonorously. Wish that he was doing this for any other reason other than him being extremely hungry. Give Tiny a stroke. Locate Simba at the bottom of the bed and say good morning. Feed both cats.

    6am - 7.30am -get ready for work. Simba follows me around, hoping I'll go back to bed, looking a bit sulky. Tiny goes about his own Tiny business, largely consisting of climbing on the kitchen workshop and imploring me to let him out in the garden.

    7.30am - leave the house, say goodbye to both cats.

    6.30pm - return home and greet ravenous cats, before picking Simba up for a quick cuddle and then feeding them. Post-feeding, Simba comes to find me and jumps on my lap, often emitting a satisfyingly resonant and fragrant catfood burp as he does so. Tiny stations himself a little way away, on the other sofa, and washes himself with a thoroughness that would put many other animals to shame, and then falls asleep. He will tolerate a bit of stroking and attention at this time, but gets grumpy if it's too much. Simba usually ends up on the arm of the sofa next to me, companionably watching whatever reality TV police programme happens to be on, and occasionally giving my flatmate the Death Glare.

    10.30pm - go to bed, with Simba hot on my heels. I spend at least 15 minutes stroking him and complimenting him before putting the light out, which has been part of our routines for about two years now. We both fall asleep, with him up next to my face.

    At some point shortly afterwards, Tiny silently creeps into the room and takes up his position at the bottom of the bed. He is always there when I wake up.

    On occasions, I wake during the small hours to discover them both furious and slapping each other, but they usually sort it out. This morning, I broke up the fight by saying, out loud, "Stop that! I've never heard of such nonsense! Make up! Shake paws!" I didn't really make them shake paws, but I did pause and wonder about my sanity for a brief moment - it worked, they stopped fighting and looked bemused.

    So, does anyone else find they have much more contact with one cat than another? Does it matter?
  2. Wiz201

    Wiz201 PetForums VIP

    Jun 13, 2012
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    I go to work 5:45 or thereabouts so I just feed my two and nothing else really. I come home at half three and sometimes they can still be sleeping and I won't see them unless I pop upstairs and check where they are. Usually one is awake and will come and greet me, I show them biscuits (they are there, Tiger just likes to check if he'll get anything else lol) and then sometime between that time and bed time at 10pm I'll get either Tiger or Jess at intervals, jess mostly as she's a bit more cuddly than Tiger.
  3. Lunabuma

    Lunabuma Owned by two Orientals

    Dec 12, 2011
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    Ziggy has the bigger personality and is generall in my face more than Luna and more often on my knee.

    I feel more special when sweet Luna approaches me for fuss or some lap time.

    I don't feel guilty as there is a pecking order and Luna gets more close attention from me when she wants it where as Ziggy loves everyone all the time and I can even get irritated by his constant bum and nose in my face!
  4. oliviarussian

    oliviarussian Meeoow!

    Sep 2, 2010
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    I'm with mine pretty much 24/7/365 as I work from home, when they see me putting my coat on to go to the shops or whatever they have a look about them like 'What??? She's leaving us???...... Or it could be Yes!!! Party time!!!!... I'm not quite sure which! :blink::blink::blink:

    On the odd occasions when I freelance in-house at a studio and have to leave them all day I usually ask my fella who lives nearby to pop in and give them a bit of company and fuss, he says they are all over him like a rash so I suppose that means they miss having me around (no muggins to give them treats more like!) but are willing to transfer their affections to any passing Tom, Dick or Harry who happens to rock up at my place!
  5. Ragdollsfriend

    Ragdollsfriend PetForums VIP

    Feb 13, 2014
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    Hey sorry if I missed that in your post :) How much time do you spend actively playing with your cats? Mine two are visibly more relaxed and content when I make time to play a few games with them. Leo is a bit shy so I have a 1:1 session every day to let him chase a red dot from a lesser pen. Daisy isn't bother with laser so she leaves us to it :)
  6. JaimeandBree

    JaimeandBree PetForums VIP

    Jan 28, 2014
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    I wake up around 7 - 7.30 and have a quick cuddle/pet with both cats before heading to the shower and then feeding them.

    Say goodbye to them both around 8.20, go to work, arrive back home around 5.30 - 6pm. Let them out for quick dander if it's nice, then get them in, wee play sesh with the frenzy and then feed them.

    They then usualy have a wee mad half hour to themselves chasing each other about then settle for a snooze. I tend to have more contact with Bree in the evening as she often settles on her blankie beside me and asks for a fuss before she settles, sometimes another wee play with one of her toys. I often groom her at some point in the evening too (Jaime doesn't need grooming as often as he is a DSH). Jaime usually settles for his nap in the cat tree.

    Around 9 one or both will wake up, I often have a wee cuddle or play with Jaime at that point, then they both get supper. At bedtime Jaime will usually follow me through to the bedroom and come up for a snuggle on the bed and often sleeps there. Bree doesn't always sleep in the bedroom and if she does it's usually on her blankie on the floor. Jaime will often get another snuggle during the night if I get up to pee and he wakes up too.

    I would say my time is fairly evenlu split between them and I don't tend to stress about it as I think they would both let me know if they wanted more attention. Bree is more vocal in demanding attention for Jaime so I'm more likely to seek him out for a cuddle if he hasn't come to me and usually he is quite happy to have one though I leave him be if he isn't in the mood.
  7. Charity

    Charity Endangered Species

    Apr 17, 2013
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    I'm at home a lot of the time so both mine get quite a bit of company and attention. I would have to say Topper gets more because he seeks it out whereas Bunty keeps to herself. If I pay attention to Bunty, Topper sulks or has to come and interfere in case he's missing something. I play with them both every day and try to give them equal attention.
  8. Finfendy

    Finfendy PetForums Member

    Sep 9, 2014
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    Of my 3 Fingers is the one that gets the least attention... although she is the only one that I go out of my way to give 1-1 attention to, this is only because she is not a lap cat and goes through phases of just sleeping in the cats bedroom where as the boys will stay in the lounge with me. I sneak upstairs with a brush and shut myself in the cats room with Fingers and give her a little brush and a fuss without the boys butting in.

    God forbid I ever get any visitors when the cats room has to become the spare room!!
  9. oggers86

    oggers86 PetForums VIP

    Nov 14, 2011
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    Elsworth gets the most attention from me and hubs because he actively seeks attention plus he sleeps with us every night.

    Elsa gets more attention from me rather than hubs but it is the other way around for Elise so it seems to work quite well.
  10. MoggyBaby

    MoggyBaby PetForums VIP

    Mar 8, 2011
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    The Princess probably gets the greater % of my time as she is the only one who sleeps upstairs at night. As such, we chatter when I go to bed, during the night when I waken up and in the morning as I get ready for work.

    Merson is probably next due to his health so I spend a lot of time checking him over, giving him meds, preparing his special food and providing many extra super cuddles.

    Donald - just by being the kitten - is next up as he gets right in your face and demands time / cuddles / playing etc.

    The Blackies tend to bring up the rear - :eek: - They are classic 'middle children'. I do give them cuddles & snuggles but I am always aware they don't get as many from me as the other three.


    The above is completely reversed for the OH. The Blackies get most of his time and attention. Donald the same but Merson & Moo have very little interaction with him.

    So between the 2 of us, the whole posse get lots of loves. And that is the important thing. :yesnod:

  11. Mirx3

    Mirx3 PetForums VIP

    Jun 20, 2013
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    I think I spend an equal amount of time with each cat as I am home all day. Always lifting them and petting them.

    Shadow isn't fond of being lifted and I try to respect that so he does tend to be held less than Milo. Although when he is having a comfy snooze on the cat tree I sometimes cannot resist the adorableness that is snuggled into a ball and will lift him straight off :eek: He does follow me around, especially when in the kitchen so I'm often having a conversation with him as im tidying or cooking. sometimes stopping to give him a pat on the head as requested by his many high pitched squeaks in my direction.

    Milo is a bit different, doesn't mind to be lifted as long as you do not torture him while doing it. So he is very attention seeking, Especially right before bed he loves to get right in the blankets and snuggle up as close as possible.

    But thinking about it they both do love to be near us and we spend the majority of the day together if they do not go into hiding :p

    (sorry to make that so long lol)
  12. Susan M

    Susan M Mama to the Spotties & Stripey

    Feb 20, 2013
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    I think it depends a lot on the cat, Orphelia is very needy, she'll sit on my lap and squeal for attention quite a lot, Annelis is much less demanding, she's I charge of when she wants fuss, it's still quite a bit, and she loves to sleep touching me. They both wait at the door for me when I come home from work, i usually scoop Orphelia up and smother her in kisses, whereas Annelis doesn't like being picked up so I only do it a couple of times a week. They're just really different, but fit with each other perfectly and I make time to play with them separately :)
  13. kitkatze

    kitkatze PetForums Member

    Oct 18, 2014
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    I have more contact with barnaby than oscar but oscar prefers to come to you compared to barnaby who needs to be with someone all the time.

    It depends how long i spend with them in a day because if i have work or classes, but i spend as much time as possible with them at home. Even if i have to take them both to the washing room with me.:rolleyes:
  14. Smoosh

    Smoosh PetForums Senior

    Aug 12, 2011
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    I only have Loki so this is slightly less relevant to me but...

    I wake up at 6:15. Loki is usually asleep under the bed or on his hair, sitting on the windowsill or sleeping on the bed next to me. So usually we have a little snuggle or petting. Once we're up either me or my OH feed him.

    OH leaves the house by around 7, I leave at 7:30. By this time Loki's usually looking out of the window at the birds :) sometimes we have some play or grooming time before I leave.

    OH gets home around 5:30, I get home around 6:30 and we all (including Loki) have dinner. Then we have the whole evening together minus coursework and things like going to the gym.

    Loki loves sitting with us and will follow us if we go from room to room but he's not overly keen of being picked up and fussed over, nor is he a lap cat. He's perfectly happy just to sit in our company and nap or play. We don't actively spend a lot of time playing because he loses interest quickly, but I do try to engage him in playtime at least once a day. When we go to bed he comes with us and usually snuggles down next to my pillow :) Sometimes he'll get under the duvet with us :eek:
  15. Sophiebee

    Sophiebee PetForums VIP

    Jul 9, 2013
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    I think mine get equal amounts of attention but different kinds, duchess is a lap cat and will attatch herself to you the minute you sit down, shes ALWAYS on my lap and she also loves strokes and belly rubs, so she spends alot of time on the sofa with us being fussed. She does have 'mad moments' when we have play sessions but these wear off quickly and she finds a comfy lap for a nap :D

    Loki doesnt like too many strokes but he loves to play fetch and other interactive games so he gets lots of attention that way, he is really high energy and will run and play all day! he also likes to be picked up and kissed (he will actually give you a kiss when asked :eek:) whereas duchess doesnt like being held so he gets cuddles that way, he also has his morning/evening cuddles with me in bed.
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