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How many....

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by Nellybelly, May 9, 2010.

  1. Nellybelly

    Nellybelly PetForums VIP

    Jul 20, 2009
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    of the following items do your dogs have?

    bedsBella has 4 beds. Oone of these is a doggie couch. She also has an entire human 3 seaters settee to herself

    Collars, harnesses, leads Bella has 1 regular nylon lead which is 2 metres, 1 nylon lead which is 1 metre, 2 extending leads, both 26ft long (but one is reflective for our evening walks). She has about 10 collars (all flat nylon collars) and 3 harnesses, 2 of which are padded.

    Chews/bones Many marrow bones in the freezer and a shoebox full of rawhide chews, greenies, pigs ears, and similar.

    Food and treats She has a 3kg bag of Royal Canin dog food and a big tuperwear full of alls orts of dog treats

    Toys About 20 in total. Balls, teddies, tug toys, squeaky toys.

    Towels and blankets Bella 6 towels and 2 blankets. I use the towels for after walk paw clenaing,and for the car, which explains why we need 6.

    Grooming stuff Bella has 1 pin brush, 1 comb, slicker brush, dog wipes for between baths, dog conditioner spray for any tangels, allercalm dog shampoo.

    SOrry about this post, feeling a bit bored..and I've been told by many peple my dog has too many things:eek::eek::eek:
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  2. RockRomantic

    RockRomantic Gobsh!te

    Apr 29, 2009
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    beds - they have 2 each plus a sofa do themselves when they feel like using it

    Collars, harnesses - collars they must have about 9 or 10 :scared: harnesses they have one each

    Chews/bones - haha its endless they have to many to count

    Food and treats - they have 4 bags of treats in my kitchen

    Toys - they have a big box full plus some in my bedroom

    Towels and blankets - they have a 2 blankets each so when ones being washed they can use the other, towels they have 6

    Grooming stuff - they have about 7 different brushes/combs
  3. babycham2002

    babycham2002 PetForums VIP

    Oct 19, 2009
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    bedsWe have 7 beds for two dogs, 5 of which are technically Willows

    Collars, harnesses, leads 3 collar and lead sets, plus her puppy collor which doesnt fit anymore. 1 car harness

    Chews/bones Boxes full of pigs ears, tripe and chewies, freezer with raw chicken and lamb

    Food and treats I buy 15kg bag of dog food at a time and 15 naturediets at a time, I but treats in bulk but also home made a liver cake the other day

    Toys Oh god, far too many, about 30 between them, id throw some out if they actually didnt like them ALL

    Towels and blankets 1 little towel, 2 flight blankets for the car, and 2 towels that are specifically dog towels

    Grooming stuff 1 slicker, 1 porcupine brush, 1 metal comb , one double sided puppy brush,

    SOrry about this post, feeling a bit bored..and I've been told by many peple my dog has too many things:eek::eek::eek:

    Dont worry about it, if you have the space and the money what does it matter
  4. sequeena

    sequeena PetForums VIP

    Apr 30, 2009
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    Luna has her crate
    Sky and Candy have a 2 seater leather settee (which is starting to resemble a ball of fluff) and 2 armchairs. These will be swapped soon for a crate for Sky and a bed for Candy (though no doubt she sleeps on our settee at night).

    Collars, harnesses, leads
    Sky has a half check, a halti and a black lead
    Candy has a blue/black collar (flat) and a blue/black lead
    Luna has 2 chain leads (one short one long), a red body harness and a brown leather flat collar.

    I also have an army style collar, Sky's puppy harness, several other leads (including a rope lead) and a flexi lead.

    Currently at none as they've ate them all :p

    Food and treats

    No treats in the house at the minute but Candy has another 8-10 tins of P@H adult wet food and Sky and Luna have about 6-7kg left of Beta large breed adult complete

    Too many to count, most of them are in the garden. The newest addition is one of those handle things you use to chuck a tennis ball.

    Towels and blankets
    Luna has a layer of carpet and a vet bed in her crate. They have several towels

    Grooming stuff
    Moult master furminator type brush, moult master comb, moult master slicker brush, another comb, several shampoos and other bits and bobs.
  5. lifeizsweet

    lifeizsweet PetForums VIP

    Jun 7, 2009
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    beds - 1 he's got his bed he sleeps on, oh and a rug in the kitchen so 2

    Collars, harnesses, leads - One collar that fits with a matching lead and then a chain lead and a really long red one too -but we don't often use them.

    Chews/bones He's got 2 knuckle bones and usually gets fresh ones from the butchers too. Chews - none at the moment, he ate them all!

    Food and treats We have a 2kg bag of wagg at the moment, but he's not trilled by it so will go back to Gusto soon. Treats - none, he's eaten them all too!

    Toys - we chucked a load away when we moved - he's got a treat ball, a tug rope and his cuddly husky. Thats about i think!

    Towels and blankets - no blankets and we just use to a dirty towel of ours to dry him

    Grooming stuff - some dog shampoo....thats about it

    Brams doesn't seem to have much ..
  6. xxsarahpopsxx

    xxsarahpopsxx PetForums VIP

    Sep 30, 2009
    Likes Received:
    beds Geordie has a plastic bed with a duvet in, a dog cushion thing, a wicket basket bed (now used as a toy basket as she chewed it lol, cushion out of it is under duvet in plastic bed. She also has the couch and also sleeps on our bed aswell :rolleyes: She also has a dog cushion at my parents house when we stay the weekend there

    Collars, harnesses, leads
    Geordie has a pink half check, a pink flat, a red glittery flat, a black flat which we have a sleeve on which we can decorate which we use for our local festival, and she also has a halti. She had a pink rope slip lead, a pink nylon slip lead, a red padded lead, a red nylon lead and also has a blue nylon lead at my parents house because my dad refuses to use her pink slip because he duznt wanna look like a 'poof' when he walks her :rolleyes: :D

    Chews/bones She has a tupperware box full of rawhides and other chews. At my parents house she has a huge knotted rawhide which is about half her size and she is struggling to eat much at one time because of the size haha. She also has a couple of nylabones

    Food and treats about 8 kg left of skinners, and way too many treats that she got for xmas lol

    Toys Tons of balls, squekys and tug toys. She also has a pudsey bear which she likes to cuddle into one minute then trys to pull the stuffing out next minute. Plus she had tons of toys at my parents house plus also 1 toy at OH's parents house

    Towels and blankets She has a stack of lilac towels which a friend was chuckin out as she didnt need them anymore so we took them. she also has a few fleecy blankets aswell

    Grooming stuff She has a grooming mitt in our house, plus one in my parents house, a double sided brush, plus has about 3 different types of shampoo as they were on offer. She also has the doggy wet wipes for when we are away and she gets muddy

    It has taken me ages to fill this in becasue i kept thinking i had finished a section then kept realising that i had forgotten even more stuff, and there is probably tons i have missed out :eek: :thumbup: :D
  7. Kelly2774

    Kelly2774 PetForums Member

    Mar 2, 2010
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    They have a sofa style dog bed in the livingroom, a bed in the kitche and a bed upstairs, plus ive also got a crate. Tho they prefer to lie on the human sofas or on our bed :lol:

    They have 2 collars each, Bailey & Angel have a harness each and they have 2 leads each

    To many to mention :lol:

    Kyle, Roxy, Mya and Bailey have 3 x 15kg bags of Gusto complete, Angel has a 15kg bag off Wagg Puppy Complete and Skye has 24 tins of Cuisine dog food and a 9kg bag of Cuisine mixer :) Theyve for loads of treats too :lol:

    Theyve got a huge box full of all different toys plus theyve got toys in the shed for outside

    Theyve got 10 towels and a blanket each

    They have a brush and a comb each
  8. dobermummy

    dobermummy Banned

    Apr 4, 2009
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    beds... there are 3 single duvets and a double down in the dog porch, and they just sit on our sofa and chairs

    collars, harnesses, leads... they have a harness each, and 2 leads and 2 collars each

    bones, chews... too many to count

    food, treats... 2 15kg sacks, 24 trays of meat, and 6 boxes of treats

    toys... they have 3 footballs, 3 hard red balls, a few ropes and 4 nylabones

    towels and blankets... they have 8 towels between them

    grooming stuff... 2 different shampoos (one of them from the vets), and a few different brushes and combs

    this is between 5 dogs :)
  9. Mum2Heidi

    Mum2Heidi PetForums VIP

    Feb 17, 2010
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    beds - she has 1 plush pink, a fluffy rug type, her canvas house and her cage

    Collars, harnesses - collars 3 leads 3 inc extending one. One harness

    Chews/bones - raw bones from OH the butcher regularly, always hide chews one the go and 1 rubber gum massager type.

    Food and treats - a plastic container full and some packets ready to refill

    Toys - she has her own mini crate full and another that I swop over

    Towels and blankets - 2 bath towels and a red fleece blanket for the car

    Grooming stuff - coat king, thinnning scissors, hairdressing scissors, nail clippers, pedipaws comb and 2 brushes
  10. JessiesGirl

    JessiesGirl PetForums Senior

    May 8, 2010
    Likes Received:
    I only have one dog.

    Beds: Four. I have one in each room I spend a lot of time in-bedroom, office, living room and kitchen.

    Collars/harnesses/leads: She has two collars, one reflective and one normal; a harness that attaches to the car seatbelts so she's protected in the car; several leashes of varying lengths and one that is highly reflective for walks in the dark; a tie out so she can hang with me in unfenced areas and I can have my hands free.

    Bones/Chewtoys: We're overrun with toys and chewies! :eek6:

    Food/treats: 1 35 pound bag of kibble; two boxes of small biscuits; three bags of training treats; 1 bottle fish oil and 4 bottles of joint supplement (much cheaper to buy that in bulk-we have a year's supply)

    Toys: Several Kongs, one frisbee. She destroys everything else with her powerful chewing!

    Towels and blankets: I don't reserve towels just for her. Trust the washing machine to get them clean! We have a seat protector for the car, and a blanket for her crate.

    Grooming stuff: One bottle each of shampoo/conditioner; Kong Zoom Groom; Mars Coat King (for shedding undercoat); two large tubes of Petrodex dog toothpaste; 1 dog toothbrush; 1 nail clipper. And endless lint rollers for me! :cool:
  11. dobermum

    dobermum PetForums Senior

    Apr 27, 2010
    Likes Received:

    3 each - (which I made for them as I have bought so many in the past and think a) they are made of cr4p and not worth the money) and their own 15tog duvet/covers and fleece blankies. Also, the sofas - but they still want to come into our bed (which I had specially made coz my previous dogs sneaked in :rolleyes:- it takes up my full bedroom)


    Too many to mention - but they've just outgrown/destroyed them all with tugging etc., and constantly nudge the toilet/kitchen roll holders, crisp bags tho are a favourite! They also have some solid rubber toys, but their fave is the 'bacon ball' which was bought in the USA many years ago.


    Lots and carrots especially - but rawhide has been barred in my house FOREVER for a long number of years.

    They have also taken over the car, and they have a caravan which THEY allow US to share - because we cannot leave them with anyone or go abroad without them!


    Many girly collars/pet ID tags, and a piece of 'Doberman Bling' which they wear with their leopardprint diamonte collar. They also have their own bandanas which I bought in the States for them.


    Too many to mention. They love nothing more than a good rubdown when they have been bathed, oh! and 2 toothbrushes for each of them.

    Happy spoiling folks! It's what we love to do for our pets. :)

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