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Isnt it funny how you let your dogs get away with things that you never thought you would....and would probably slap another person if they tried!LOL:D:D:D
Today is so rainy, grey and miserable that I plonked myself on the sofa for a nap (hoping for better weather when I woke up!:rolleyes::rolleyes:). Adam and Heidi snuck under the duvet and settled down quietly, then Hannah came along....
She bulldozed her way under the covers, wriggled about on my shoulder and neck until she was comfy then flopped her head over my neck and with her nose right next to my ear proceeded to snore loudly!!
Not only did I let her get away with it, I fell asleep like it too!:eek:

This is why we should scoff at the theory of dominance. Most dogs have us wrapped around their paws without a single growl!:D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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