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how can i train my cat not to destroy

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by Ivy1, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Ivy1

    Ivy1 PetForums Newbie

    Aug 22, 2013
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    i adopted the most beautiful girl in the world in my eyes only 3wks ago, She's starting to show agression towards my leather footstool, if she doesn't get my attention she will go over and sink her teeth into it, trust me she has my attention almost 24/7 apart from when im asleep and half the time i am up throughout the night! I know what she wants, " that is to go outside!" I have taken her out a few times but only when i'm with her, as i am worried she wont come back.I have tried spraying Vinegar and water on the footstool but this morning it had no effect on her what so ever! she went straight to it and dug he teeth straight through the leather and bailed up my other cat Lilly growling and hissing at her until i picked her up and removed her! I just want to stress most of the time she's a loving and attentive cat, just when she doesn't get what she wants she turns into a little monster! It shows she has great communication traits but it's at the expense of my furniture and poor little Lilly :shocked:
  2. chillminx

    chillminx PetForums VIP

    Nov 22, 2010
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    Hi Ivy -- as she is desperate to go out and frustrated that she can't, I think the only way to try and take her mind off it, at least for a while, is by turning
    your home into a cat's adventure playground. :)

    This would mean providing lots of scratching posts - one in every room, tall cat-trees, ceiling height if possible, as well as some of the cardboard kind that lie flat on the floor, and some scratch mats, that can be screwed to the walls.

    There are lots of different kinds on amazon.com, who I believe ship to NZ?
    Here is one I like a lot, made of corrugated cardboard. It looks elegant too!

    Amazon.com: PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge, Walnut Brown: Pet Supplies

    Rub all the scratch posts and cat-trees with powdered cat nip.

    Also, if you can, provide several places for Ivy to climb, so she can sit/snooze at different levels. Here are are some ideas you could maybe copy or adapt:

    cat shelving - Yahoo! Image Search Results

    Until she has lost interest in attacking your leather stool you could lightly tape some baking foil to it, as cats hate it. Or some people use double sided sticky tape to protect their furniture.

    The moment she goes to attack any furniture, calmly lift her up and take her to the near-by scratch post and set her down and gently paddle her front paws up and down on the post, tree, or mat, so she gets the idea of what you want her to do.

    Buy a couple of Kong Kickeroo toys from amazon.com:

    Amazon.com: KONG Kickeroo Pattern No.3 Catnip Toy, Colors Vary, Tiger: Pet Supplies

    Keep these Kickeroos hidden until she starts biting or scratching the furniture (or you!) then bring one out for her -- (most cats love them) and she can bite and kick it to her hearts content! Once she has calmed down put the Kickeroo away until next time, so she doesn't get bored with it. I hope if she can get out her frustrations on the Kickeroo she will be less inclined to attack the stool.

    I recall you mentioned the possibility of harness training her....it might be an idea to start this now indoors (using one of those safe jacket types I mentioned, with velcro fastenings). She may need time to get accustomed to wearing the harness, so put it on for 5 mins, then gradually increase the time per day up to an hour max.

    When Ivy is OK with the harness attach the lead. After a week she may be comfortable enough with the harness and lead for you to take her into the garden, maybe for 15 mins at first, then increase to half an hour. Remember to hold on tightly to the leash, by wrapping it around your wrist, otherwise if Ivy makes a sudden dart for freedom, it is all too easy to find the leash being snatched out of your grasp and the cat has run off! :(
    #2 chillminx, Aug 30, 2013
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