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Hello all!

I've joined today as i need some cat advice - i will post a specific thread in the right place, but thought I'd do a quick introduction first! :D

I have 2 11 month old cats, a brother and a sister (Bengal x Main Coon) the little girl is called Goblin and the little boy is called Moglet.

On 1st of September Goblin didn't come home. We were devastated and her brother was very upset. I did all the right things, sent out posters, went door to door, logged her details with the microchip company and all local vets and shelters etc.

A week later, Moglet went missing too. We think he went looking for her and got lost. Devasted doesn't even start to cover it. I never thought anything would come close to how awful it felt to report Goblin missing to every vet and shelter, hardest phone calls of my life....until i had to repeat it all again a week later for my other one.

The house was not a home without them.

This weekend, we had good news! As I was leaving work on Friday I had a call from Wood Green, they have Goblin!!! Yay for micro chips! She had been handed in as a stray but was healthy and well...and she came home on Saturday morning!

I was in pieces when we collected her, sobbed and sobbed whilst signing her paperwork...she came home like she had never left, waltzed in and asked for her lunch! She has since been very affectionate, wanting cuddles all the time....clearly very glad to be home but thankfully in no way traumatised by her experience!

This gave us new hope that we might one day get her brother back too.

The very next day, I picked up a voicemail from a local vets....they had Moglet!!!! He'd been taken in by one of theor nurses and appeared to have been poisoned, was having seizures.

It's a VERY strange feeling to be caught between elation at having him found, and sick with worry that he's lying sedated, unconscious and fighting for his life...

Anyway...long story a bit shorter (not much, oops!) he perked up amazingly fast and came home yesterday! A little wobbly, but in surprisingly good health.

He's not fared quite as well as his sister and his mannerisms suggest he has survived by scavenging (she looks like she spent the month gorging on fat wood pigeons!) and he is scavenging our kitchen bins etc...but despite this he quickly settled and was soon curled up in my lap purring, with his sister snuggled next to him.

I can't begin to decsribe the feelings I'm going through right have them both back is beyond amazing, and something we had started to think would never happen...but to have them both go missing seperately, be lost for 5 and 4 weeks respectively, and then be found seperately within 48 hours of each other is just, well...exhausting to be honest!

The house is a home again, there are cat toys everywhere...they have both shat in the bath :rolleyes: but all is right with the world again!

So yeah....bit of a mammoth intro there but there you go!!

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Welcome to the forum.

I'm so glad both your cats made it home safe and sound.
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