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Hi Jennifer,

Welcome and I hope you can make good use of this forum. I am hoping that with everyones help, this will become a very popular forum which will help people get answers to all their questions and meet new friends who have similar interests - PETS !

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hi im tracey and i love all pets,
i have got kittens at the moment but they are all going to theri new homes this weekend.
apart from 1 fluffy tabby kitten that we are keeping,
he had a very mysterious illness a couple of weeks ago we thought we would lose him, but im happy to say he seems to have made a full recovery, but now i cannot part with him.
i have 2 other cats Abbi (mummy cat) who is tabby
and ceefa ginger cat
i have a springer spaniel called willow
and we have a pet mouse called twinkle, which is fun with all these cats!!!

sorry to rattle on, but thats me oh i nearly forgot
i have 3 choldren as well :p

hope their are a few pet loving mums on here to get to know.
if anyone wants advice about pets i quite a know all!!!!(well a bit)

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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