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    Hi, I’m new to this forum and not very good at these things, so please bear with me! I would appreciate any help
    I can get . We have an African Grey who we bought from some people 7 years ago . We have never been able to get him tame. He used to let me stroke his head but I can’t do that anymore . He has started biting me when I put my hand in his cage. When he comes out it’s impossible to get him back into his cage . He will sit on our shoulders , but if I go near him when he’s somewhere else other than on my shoulder , he’ll bite me. he has also pulled out some chest feathers . He talks well and has a varied diet . He doesn’t SEEM distressed but often does a piercing noise and often won’t stop for ages. Someone told me he looks under weight which really worries me now . Although someone else he doesn’t . He’s always looked a bit scruffy soncecwe got him . What am I doing wrong ? I’m at the end of my tether . Please can anyone help ?