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Help with Transport from Berwick to Perth

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by kelly-joy, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. kelly-joy

    kelly-joy PetForums VIP

    Oct 14, 2008
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    What would you like help with? Transport
    Contact/Rescue Organisation: Huskies in Need - contact me
    Do you have the rescues permission to post this request?Yes
    Do you take full responsibility for co-coordinating the transport run? Yes
    (eg. ensuring that all volunteers have contact details of the rescue and others involved in the run, and know changeover times, locations, etc.)
    Who legally owns the animal during transport? Huskies in Need
    Is Liability Insurance in place? Not yet
    Will paperwork/documentation be passed on with the animal? Yes

    *****Please note, documentation MUST be available for the individual/organisation to sign to relinquish the animal and transferred to each volunteer to hand over to the receiving party. We always recommend that a copy be kept by the rescue co-coordinating the run.*****

    Number of animals: 1
    Type/Breed: Siberian Husky x GSD
    Name(s): Niko
    Sex: Male
    Age(s): 5 yrs
    Colours: Agouti
    Neutered: Yes
    Vaccinated: Yes
    Any known medical issues: None Known
    Any known behavioural Issues: No

    Any other information: About the size of a husky but stockier. Owner can travel from Teeside to Berwick with him, just need to get him from Berwick to meet me in Perth.
    This needs done end of this week if we can as they are moving.



    If any member requires further information about the animal(s) please contact the rescue concerned directly.

    Location Start: County & Postcode
    Location End: County & Postcode

    Please note: All volunteers who offer transport must first check with their insurance company that they are insured to do so. Animal Lifeline cannot take any responsibility for members who do not.

    We strongly advise volunteers not to take their own animals or young children when transporting unknown dogs.

    if you can help please pm or contact rescue

    [email protected]

    Or call: 0843 2892580

    Animal Lifeline UK • Index page
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