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Help with Toilet Training - 6mnth Old Pug X

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by russell2g, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. russell2g

    russell2g PetForums Newbie

    Jul 21, 2009
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    Hi there, we bought a 7/8th Pug Cross (cross with Chihuahua) way back in April/May when he was about 9 weeks old. We never crate trained him and used to take him outside regularly to pee/poop.

    He is now almost 6 months old and left to his own devices would pee or poop all over the house unless we intervened.

    He is good through the night, he never poo's or pee's in the kitchen where he sleeps and will go outside when I let him out in the morning. So far so good.

    When we are in the house we let him sit with us in the living room, I have gotten pretty good at knowing when he will need to the toilet so I take him out at these regular times to go. However as I said previously, if we dont pick up on the fact that he needs to go he will find a spot in the house to pee/poop rather than wait to get taken out. We have tried extremely hard with the housetraining ever since we had him and it is getting so frustrating not being able to trust him to keep the house clean.

    We spray the area's he soils to get rid of his scent and ensure the place is clean. I just wish we could trust him to go when we take him out and not sooner. He obviously has no problem holding in the pee/poo through the night so why cant he hold it in untill I let him out the back or take him for a walk?

    He will go a good few days without having accidents but that is because me or my partner will be watching him closely and take him out when he needs to go.

    I have tried everything and am quite patient however the other night sent me over the edge - we were playing together with his stuffed animal and then all of a sudden he stopped - now at this point I knew he needed to do something so I got up off the floor and walked to the back door shouting him to come with me and go outside. He just stood, looked at me and done poo! I couldnt believe it as normally he will follow me outside to go! It really sent me over the edge and I decided to get help from the board.

    On a side note he had a couple of accidents when we were watching dogs on the TV - he always barks at dogs on the TV and a couple of times go so excited he would run around barking at the TV then all of a sudden stop and poo - I have put this down to him either being scared of the TV dog or just getting too excited. Is this plausable?

    I would love to hear your suggestions on how to overcome this, I know pugs can be quite difficult to toilet train but I would love to get this sorted.
  2. *WillsTillsBills*

    *WillsTillsBills* PetForums Senior

    May 12, 2009
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    I know its so stressful, it was when we were training our two little ones. They are now 1 yr 1 month, and they are bulldogs (also hard to train) we still have the odd accident, every couple of months now usually a poo.

    I hope this helps, we tried the 'no' approach and taking them outside, this just seemed to fuel it. So what we did was completly ignor it when they wee/poo'ed inside, we tried not to even let them see we had cleaned it up. Within a month or so they were going through the night, and although we don't, we could probably leave them for a whole day! I know it can be frustrating but ignoring it really works as its most probable that hes just doing it for attention.

    I hope this helps! Also I'd love to see some pics of your little one :)

    Oh and also, the weeing when watching dogs on tv, our little girl used to do this and she grew out of it, I think it was just until her bladder got a little stronger :)
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