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Help with shy kittens needed.

Discussion in 'Cat Training and Behaviour' started by Rachel64, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. Rachel64

    Rachel64 PetForums Member

    Feb 7, 2013
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    So I got two 4 month old kittens (Woody and Flint) from a rescue centre yesterday. The owner said they were timid but fine when they got to know you and loved cuddles.
    Since we got them home they've been mainly hiding behind the sofa. Woody, who seems braver than his brother, did come out for a little play last night.
    We left food out overnight and it was gone this morning, but obviously we don't know if they both ate, and there were a couple of wees in the litter tray.
    What do i do now? Should I just leave them to sort themselves out or should I try to entice them out with food or treats?
  2. ChaosCat

    ChaosCat PetForums VIP

    Dec 7, 2017
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    Best let them settle and seek contact to you in their own good time.
    What you can do is talk to them a lot, maybe read the news or a book to them and else go on leading your ordinary home life. Normality will put them at ease sooner or later. Depending on how shy they are it can take anything between a few days and a few months.
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  3. BarneyBobCat

    BarneyBobCat Slave to an AcroCat

    Feb 22, 2019
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    They are going to be nervous at first, this is natural. Please make sure there are multiple litter trays available for them. Also try to feed them separately. I would try to play with them and also give them treats, but let them go at their own speed - dont force it
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  4. Lynn W

    Lynn W PetForums Newbie

    Jul 12, 2019
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    Congratulations on your two new kittens! I had the same issue with one of the rescue kittens I adopted a few months ago. He didn't come out from under the sofa for the first 24 hours and refused to eat initially. Patience is key to begin with, give them time to learn they can trust you!

    I would try staying in the same room for a few hours at a time with them (get down on their level, maybe even talk to them) Sometimes it's best to introduce them to one smaller room initially and let them get familiar with this before roaming around the rest of the house. Maybe you could put cardboard boxes or other things about that they can hide in/under to feel safe whilst exploring. I would say if it gets to 3+ days and you have concerns Woodie or Flint haven't eaten, contact the rescue centre for some advice.
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