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I've found a local organic farmer whose animal welfare standards I'm happy with and am going to a farmer's market next week to buy some raw meat from them. They offer fresh and frozen, and I'm thinking of fresh because it'll be easier for me to chop if needed (she can't manage a whole wing at the moment).

I want to try Yuki out with a few things to begin with, with a view to feeding her both high quality wet food and raw.

So far on my list are:

Chicken wings
Chicken hearts
Chicken necks

Anything else I should think about, or is that a good range to start off with? (Obviously not a great range since it's from the same animal, but a good range of body parts).

I'd also included livers but some comments on here warning about over feeding it has made me reconsider...

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Well, how about:

lamb meat
lamb heart
lamb kidney

beef meat
beef heart
beef kidney

pork meat
pork heart
pork kidney

any game
rabbit (you can also use the small bones)

or any other meat or offal that you can lay your hands on. Provide as much variety as you can and don't just get stuck on one animal (loads of dog raw feeders just feed chicken initially for a reason unbeknownst to me; cats certainly don't need to)

I would definitely be on the look-out for small birds, such as quail, woodpigeon, poussin (small chicken) as the bones in quail are so much more cat appropriate than a chicken wing will ever be.

How much raw do you want to feed as I think I misunderstood you on your other thread. If you want to feed more than 20% you need to worry about it being balanced, so you would need to include liver. Don't forget though that 5% of liver from an overall meal is tiny, so do weigh.

Once you get more comfortable, ask them whether they can give you lung (I get mine for free) or a pluck, which contains lung, liver and heart (if you are lucky also other things)
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