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Help with excessive barking and top dog issue with yorkshire terrier dog

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by mistymaz, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. mistymaz

    mistymaz PetForums Newbie

    Apr 14, 2011
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    We have two family dogs, both of which are Yorkshire terriers. We got the eldest dog (Jessie) in 2000, who's about 11 years old now and then Buster two years later, he's about 9 years old.

    Buster has a big problem when it comes to pretty much anything, but particularly his barking. We live in a decently busy part of london so we get a lot of passerbys, cars, people knocking at the door etc on a regular basis. Everytime the doorbell goes, Buster runs for the door jumping up and down barking excessively. If he hears anyone outside, he'll bark constantly again, if he even sees anyone at the door he'll bark. We also have a dog flap leading into the garden, so he'll even go out into the garden and just bark for no reason. Whenever someone is at the door, we have to lock buster in the kitchen (we have a baby gate just for that purpose) or the living room until we've let the person in or dealt with whoever is at the door. If we don't lock him up he'll either run outside or on occasions he's had a big issue with jumping up at people and trying to nip/bite their hands but if the visitor was to just let him sniff their hand or stroke him, he'll calm down but not everyone understands this so it can become a nuisance.

    Jessie however only barks a couple of times (usually because buster is barking) but will go and sit on the stairs and peek through the banister and remain calm and quiet. We took her for some training lessons when we first got her, so she's generally well disciplined.

    Buster on the other hand is far from disciplined. He very much acts like top dog. We have tried using one of those spray collars where every time he barks, a horrible smell is sprayed at him. This worked pretty well (whilst having the collar on), but it got to the stage where he was petrified off wearing the collar, shaking and hiding away so we decided not to use it as it was too cruel.

    As for the top dog situation, he pretty much controls Jessie. If jessie leaves a room, he has to lead the way. If jessie is sitting on the floor, he'll jump up higher and sit on a chair. If i'm giving jessie a bit of attention (i.e. stroking her etc) he'll bark at me or try and come over and get me to stroke him. We regret not getting him trained when he was a pup and has now grown into some very bad habits. We could really do with some tips or methods on how to stop the excessive barking and the "top dog" issue.

    Many Thanks,
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