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Help please!!

Discussion in 'Cat Breeding' started by NicolaC, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. NicolaC

    NicolaC PetForums Junior

    Apr 14, 2009
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    OK, so hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    I am ashamed to tell you all that my girl is a complete hussy and due any day now (again!) her last litter was only born in april!!

    I hadn't let her out, but my 2 yr old son had opened the door whilst I was in shower and you can guess the rest.......... she disappeared only to perform in front of us later that day :(

    I wanted to take her to get speyed but my concience wouldn't let me....... if only I had! Fizz is huge this time round and after litter of 2 last time I think she may have 4 or 5 now.

    She has been showing signs since saturday (her due date is this saturday) I have twice thought she is in early labour only for her to start feeding again. Kittens are still active, but not quite so much.

    Do they always go off food prior? she is very vocal too, and wants constantly to be in same room as me but at a distance....... she will barely let me touch her. Do you think she hates me for doing this to her again?

    I am really sorry and ashamed to be posting this, and belive me she will be getting speyed before getting back out this time.

    you can't beat me up any more than I have alsready done to myself. is her labour likely to be quicker this time?

    Nic x

    Also, last wed and thurs she had the runs, is this a sign too? she was eating fine at the time, and been fine snce
  2. lizward

    lizward PetForums VIP

    Feb 29, 2008
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    Mine don't normally stop eating beforehand, and they do often get diahorrea beforehand.

    Of course she doesn't hate you, lots of cats get grumpy in late pregnancy. I'm sure everything will be fine and that both of you will be delighted with the babies when they arrive.

  3. ruthmcnally

    ruthmcnally PetForums Member

    Jul 24, 2009
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    All the signs that you have written about my cat has done in the last week and is due now as well it is the waiting game, good luck keep us upto date and have the camera ready for pictures. My cat got really grumpy the other day she bit me but i have forgiven her, its hot she miffed and im sure they will be so chuffed at being so much lighted in the next couple of days, luckly cats don't hold grudges so i think she'll lobe you again once the kitties are born

  4. thompsonk

    thompsonk PetForums Member

    Jul 4, 2009
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    Tilda ate as she pushed xx
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