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HELP - missing gecko!!

Discussion in 'Lizards' started by Wild With Roxi, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Wild With Roxi

    Wild With Roxi i love Animals too much

    Jul 25, 2018
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    My 2.5 year old Crested Gecko Dobby is missing, I had him out this afternoon just in the room hanging out and left the room for a minute and he vanished...I have no idea where he is!! I've put out mashed banana in two bowls, mashed blueberry in another and one with Pangea crested Gecko mix. The lights are also off. I've looked in everything I can tonight, I'll look through all the shelves, books etc. in the morning just in case. My whole family searched the room high and low in every desk, under sofa, tv and behind everything, under everything in most things and all round the room up high, on the floor, walls, windows, doors..:(

    The house is quite warm, heating is on etc. His cage is left open so he can go back in if he likes.
    I just don't know what to do!! Help!

    I'm SO worried about my little boy. My first snake Sedric passed away last week and I'm super upset over that, and now this has happened..I can't lose him too..
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