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    My name is Jessica and I'm 16. I love animals and at this present moment I own a rabbit named Ruth. I am looking in to getting a neutered male rescue rabbit to bond with her but at the moment this is not possible. I am in the process of moving Ruth's accommodation and so getting another rabbit at this time would obviously not be suitable. Also, at the beginning of next year Ruth will hopefully be getting spayed, she will have just turned 2. Hopefully by next year I will have 2 beautiful bunnies...

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    Hello! I'm 18 haha, so not much older than you, and i have 5 rabbits at present time.
    I have had 2 recent (well, one was August 2016, and the other was around March 2017) deaths, one was due to his condition deteriorating after having a dental, etc (he was also neutered, and bonded in a trio with Oliver and Ivy). and the other was very unexpected (she was bonded with Zatanna).
    Though i have had 2 recent additions as well, a girl who's previous owner threatened to drown her in early February 2017, and a male from a college friend who couldn't look after him any longer in late April 2017.

    So this makes my current rabbits (i don't intend to have any more for a long time haha) Oliver who is neutered (and paired with Ivy), Ivy who is spayed (and paired with Oliver), Petra (the Feb bunny) is being spayed next week, Kaldur (the April bunny) is being neutered in 2 weeks, and finally Zatanna who i plan to get spayed next month.

    Lovely rabbit by the way, Ruth is quite a sweet name :)