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Hello from Zeus

Discussion in 'Cat Training and Behaviour' started by Rhea mother of Zeus, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Rhea mother of Zeus

    Rhea mother of Zeus Snuggling my crazy boy

    May 8, 2018
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    Hello all! My beautiful brute and I wanted to pass by and say hello. So many of you offered support to us as we learned how to deal with his... ahem .... outgoing, high energy (crazy, hyper, slightly murderous) Bengal spirit.:p

    He will be 2 in January and the verdict is in: play his furry little butt off, keep the Feliway on, switch up toys and games and have the patience to let him mature.

    Some of you may recall he used to VIOLENTLY attack us all when bored, thwarted, told no, petted, ignored or for who knows what.

    He's still no couch cuddler (places to go and things to murderize) but he has calmed CONSIDERABLY.

    Gives the best welcome home snuggles, ankle rubs and headbutts. Still cuddles in bed like a kitten. Asks politely with a chirp or meow at the bathroom door for a drink or to play BEFORE attacking the tv.

    As long as his boundaries are respected (as my poor father in law learned when he suddenly scooped Zeus up), he's a good boy: watch for signs that he's done with petting, is hungry or bored and never pick him up.

    Many times I despaired about who he'd kill first: me with his attacks (he used to go for the throat) or himself with his daredevil launches 6 feet up the wall. I begged the vet for meds to calm him somehow -- he flatly refused to medicate a cat this young and now I'm glad.

    I still have to sometimes put him "for a nap" if I need a break IE: my bedroom for an hour (where he magically remembers his wet food, gobbles it down and goes to sleep), but Zeus is so vibrant, so confident, happy and sweet that I wouldn't change a thing. His snuggles get me through bad days and I love him ridiculously.

    Thanks for being there. And if you're struggling with a crazy kitty of your own, I have come to consider him special needs and play therapy and patience has done wonders. I can even say no and discourage him from off-limits places without getting bitten. He actually obeys most of the time.

    My amazing boy.

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  2. MissFluffy

    MissFluffy PetForums Junior

    Nov 27, 2019
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    LOL the more threads I read here the more I feel my own cats have all been angels. Zeus makes even my currently being socialized semi-feral little gremlin sound pretty tame :)
    But ultimately it's the ones that give you the most trouble and work that you'll end up loving the most.
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