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Heart ruling head!

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by xhuskyloverx, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. xhuskyloverx

    xhuskyloverx PetForums VIP

    May 5, 2010
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    Don't want to give too much away but....

    My auntie and uncle have been thinking of getting another dog for a little while now. Their existing dog is 2 and a half years old and neutered and is lovely! My auntie saw an advert for pups so they rang and went to see them. Everything was fine, there was only one left that hadn't been reserved so they both agreed that they would put a deposit on him.

    As they know i'm totally in love with this breed they took me to see him last week. We met all of the dogs, they've all got great temperaments and we took the pups outside so they could go on the grass. Alarm bells started ringing for me as they also had a litter that were a couple of weeks older in another pen inside a barn, where these pups were being kept.

    They were all wobbly on their feet, but then they are very young. But the one that they had chose could only take a few steps before falling over. We tried to encourage him to move around but he was definatly not like the others at all and just wanted to sleep. As soon as you lifted him up he just slumped back down. All of the other pups were up and running, well as much as they can, jumping and just generally exploring! Was lovely to watch as i've never really seen a litter of pups interact before as both of mine were last ones left after the littermates had gone.

    Anyway the breeder realised he wasn't quite right and took him to the vets, we went to the pub to have a chat and a drink while we waited for them to get back. Once they got back they said that the vet had said it was the heat and to just keep and eye. Don't think her husband was impressed that they went because it was 'expensive'. :rolleyes:

    They went back earlier this week to see the pup to see if there was any change and spent a long time there talking to the breeder. The pup has only been walking on a think layer of straw and grass, no 'solid' ground. Do you think this would make a difference at all to the way he would walk? Maybe not helping to build up his strength?? :confused:

    Basically this is just a puppy farm. They openly said that all the dogs are used for is breeding and although lovely and have temperaments to die for I would like to think that I would walk away from them and find a more responsible breeder (although I should have with bella but really couldn't). My auntie won't though as she really does love the pup already and knows that if he stays then he would probs just be used for breeding.

    Sorry for the long post, just needed to write it all down. Do you think you would be able to walk away from a pup in this situation or would you continue and have the pup?

    Again sorry for the ramble :eek:
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