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Hi there,

just looking for a little bit of advice, our lab is very good with "leave it" in the house, he will leave things first time of asking, for example today he left the pork ribs I'd given him first time. BUT on walks if he finds something that is tasty to him, deer or horse poo usually, the leave it command goes out the window. The thing is that we had problems with this before but it had really improved to the point he could walk right by anything that tempted him but now he's 50/50 on whether he leaves it or not.

I usually give another command like lie down or sit but he's not listening to that either when he's got eating poo on his mind! I always treat him when he leaves it first time and had one of his favourite treats today but no difference.

My fiance is away and has been for the past 3 weeks - do you think he could be testing me because he sees that its just me now? I am just looking for ideas of what to do if I tell him to leave it and he doesn't, should there be a consequence? Today I just ended the walk and took him home because it was almost that time anyway.


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